The search for exactly who was responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak continues.

However, we may be one step closer to finding the proverbial smoking gun that will provide us all the information we need to prove who is at fault for MILLIONS of deaths around the world.

The weirdest thing about this is the fact that EVERYBODY already knows who’s to blame!

China is the number one suspect and has been for the entire time…and the case against the Chinese just got more damning.

After all, there’s a well-known lab in Wuhan, China that was actively researching and experimenting with bat coronavirus—maybe even for gain-of-function research (right, Dr. Fauci?)—VERY close to where the virus was said to have originated.

We’ve all known this from day one of the outbreak, yet people are still questioning whether the COVID-19 pandemic really emanated from the Wuhan Virology Lab.

But the international investigation has just found another piece to that puzzle, and it may be the last piece we need to put the whole picture in focus and finally hold the responsible parties accountable for their failure.

It’s just been revealed that Chinese scientists wanted to release genetically engineered coronaviruses, designed to be more infectious to humans, into the local bat population for experimentation purposes…

And this plan was proposed just 18 months before the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic turned the world upside-down.

If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck…

Scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were planning to genetically enhance airborne coronaviruses and release aerosols containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” among cave bats in Yunnan, China, according to a 2018 proposal submitted to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The US Department of Defense rejected the proposal, but the work on the viruses was still underway.

The proposal reveals that the scientists planned to alter the coronaviruses in order to infect humans more easily by introducing “human-specific cleavage sites” to the collected bat coronaviruses, all in order to figure out the risk of coronaviruses and discover ways to prevent outbreaks, possibly even vaccinating bats against the virus.

If this was the aim, then it was the biggest misfire of all time—because not only did it NOT lead to a vaccine, but it also led to one of the biggest outbreaks in human history.

And this wasn’t some well-intentioned screwup either…

These papers show that Chinese scientists deliberately weaponized the virus specifically for the purpose of making it more dangerous to humans—and that can’t be excused, regardless of what their ultimate aim was.

The proposal was spearheaded by American-based EcoHealth Alliance, the nonprofit headed by British scientist Peter Daszak that had previously been proven to funnel federal funds to the Wuhan lab for bat coronavirus research.

Peter Daszak Looks, Walks, And Quacks Like A Duck

However, the $14 million grant ended up being rejected by DARPA over fears it could result in gain-of-function research, which is a fancier way of saying “weaponizing the virus.” Gain-of-function studies, largely banned in most medical institutions, lead to viruses becoming more transmissible and pathogenic.

Do you remember where you’ve heard the name Peter Daszak?

If not, I’m going to remind you: Daszak was the ONLY American-based representative for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation into the pandemic’s origins. He was the one that told American officials that there was “no evidence” for the COVID-19 lab-leak theory which caused so much confusion during the beginning of the pandemic.

However, what’s fascinating is the fact that NONE of these officials questioned why the man who is said to be close friends with Dr. Anthony Fauci AND had a working relationship with the lab in Wuhan was allowed to investigate this in the first place.

It’d be like sending Tom Sawyer to investigate whether there was any wrongdoing in the fence painting incident.

Of course this guy wasn’t going to find anything wrong at the Wuhan lab. If he had, it would have implicated himself and his buddies in this planet-wide debacle.

What’s even MORE amazing is the fact that people like Daszak and Fauci still have jobs and are allowed to make decisions regarding a pandemic for which they possibly bear responsibility!

It’s actually mindboggling…

Yet, here we are, nobody saying squat and Anthony Fauci allowed to walk free and tell America what to do.

The inmates are running the asylum…

And we’re stuck behind bars.


“I think WHO should have spoken out more forcefully and said we are not going to do a forensic investigation of a lab in China as part of this work, if you look at the way that they reported on that( lab leak theory), they classified it as’ extremely unlikely.’ For us to be able to take that off the table, it needs to be studied properly. It needs to be studied thoroughly.” – Peter Daszak