I’m angry…

And if you guessed that it was the Left that brought me to this point, you’d be 100% correct.

What happened?

I watched a video…a simple video…and I challenge any real patriot to watch it and not get a little hot under the collar too.

Think you can?

Give it try…

If you’re wondering why a video of a lone woman awkwardly clapping her hands and dancing in an empty restaurant got me angry, then you didn’t read the description.

This video is of a California health inspector dancing after telling a place of business to shut its doors for Super Bowl Sunday.

Now, while she may not be celebrating the closure itself, the optics of the situation make it seem like she is.

But even if she’s not, the idea that a single health inspector had that much power in America should still make you mad enough to spit nails. The only reason this even happened in the first place was that California’s governor is keeping businesses closed.

Is it for safety?

Or is it for control?

Why are Democrats so dead-set on keeping businesses and free citizens locked down?

Are they that much more concerned for the safety of their state than their Red counterparts?

Are Republican governors cold-blooded and more concerned with money than they are lives?

Well, the answer to that question depends on which news channel you watch or whether you believe that the federal government’s job is to protect your freedoms or PROVIDE your freedoms.

Can you guess which of those two is accurate?

If you know anything about the Constitution, then you know that the federal government’s job has nothing to do with providing freedoms.

Those rights were given to us the moment our Creator breathed life into our bodies. The government’s job is to protect these freedoms; they can’t give us anything.

Each and every law they pass should be to PROTECT our freedoms, not hinder them…

But it seems more and more that the laws that get passed do exactly that.

Even worse, Biden is circumventing the democratic process more aggressively than any president has done before, signing 55 executive orders and decrees in less than a month in office—meaning he’s already beat Trump’s first-year total and is on pace to beat Trump’s term total by March.

But this isn’t about Biden or Trump…

It’s about the states and why Blue states continue to keep their citizens locked down when states like Florida, Texas, and others have remained open and free.

Freedom Vs. Control – The ESSENCE of Power

Why do Blue-led states like Michigan, California, New York, and others continue to stay in lockdown while Red states remain open?

It comes down to one word…


Democrats don’t care about safety or protecting your freedoms. They care about gaining and keeping power.

How do I know?  Because I used to be on that side of the political aisle.

During that time, I thought the same way, not because I was power-hungry, but because I was smug and self-righteous and thought I knew how to better wield power than others.

I thought that the other side would ABUSE power if they got it, so I wanted my side to horde it to protect us from oppression.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now I know it’s not my place to decide what people do with the power they’re given. I just try to ensure that they get to keep their power and do what they wish with it as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

However, I realize that a lot of the elected officials don’t care if their citizens have power. In fact, if there’s a “D” next to your name, odds are you feel that people aren’t smart enough to wield personal power responsibly, so you’re probably out to take away these freedoms just so people don’t hurt themselves with all the freedom they’re given.

Now, while all of this may seem like conjecture…

Follow the trends and see how much the Left loves to not only wield the power given to them but also live like their rules don’t apply to them.

The dancing clown in the above video works for Gavin Newsom’s California. Gavin Newson, the same guy who issued a stay-at-home order and a mask mandate before going to a maskless dinner with friends and donors shortly after.

Andrew Cuomo did something similar, issuing stay-at-home orders for New Yorkers during the Holidays while inviting his family to the governor’s mansion for Thanksgiving dinner.

They think they’re above their own laws…

And it’s that hypocrisy that ultimately led to me switching to Conservatism.

They don’t care…

And much like Nero, they’ll dance when America burns.


“You know what my needs are. Let us see to it that no one possess anything.” – Nero