Can we get a 2024 ticket with Dan Crenshaw on it?

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’ve got a bit of a “bromance” going with Dan Crenshaw. I truly believe that his ideologies and common-sense style best align with my own personal politics…

MINUS his recent views on Red Flag laws, of course. I’d like to think that, as a former soldier, he’d understand how important the 2nd Amendment is to American citizens and how muddled that could be if Red Flags were implemented as they were.

But I digress…

Slight 2nd Amendment issues aside, Dan Crenshaw is STILL a shining example of the future of the conservative contingent in America.

He’s been the foil to the members of the Squad—his fellow freshmen Congress members on the Left that have grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons—and has found himself at odds with them on Capitol Hill.

And for conservatives, that’s a good thing.

There’s only one problem: he’s not as loud or crazy as these other people are and his voice often gets lost amongst the shouting.

He’s too even-keeled and levelheaded to compete with their craziness…

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s one of the brightest stars in the Republican party.

So, when he gets together with one of the other bright stars in the party…

It’s worth paying attention.

Crenshaw and Owens – A Preview Of 2024?

Candace Owens is another shining example of the future of conservatives…

And her new talk show/podcast is an incredible platform for those ideals.

Dan Crenshaw was a recent guest on her show, and what he had to say about AOC and her ideas was not only spot-on but a harsh reality-check for any Liberals that heard it.

“There’s a saying we have in the military: it’s ‘work smarter not harder.’ That would have been some good advice on the Green New Deal,” he said, “The Green New Deal fundamentally destroys our economy and does a lot of other weird stuff, too. Basically it’s just a wish list of socialist utopias, as was admitted by AOC’s Chief of Staff. But fundamentally, it is a dogmatic approach to environmentalism, which is solar and wind.”

And the problem with socialist utopias is that there’s never been one. There is absolutely NO history of a socialist utopia happening outside of a hippie commune – and not even those were infallible as there aren’t many around anymore.

The Problem With The Left’s Environmental Solutions

“Everything has to be solar and wind, there can’t be anything else, including nuclear,” Crenshaw continued. “When you start banning nuclear, that’s how you know they’re not serious about climate change.”

It’s true…

Nuclear is one of the CLEANEST energies around – it’s basically steam energy derived from heating up naturally occurring elements, and it has ZERO carbon emissions!

How can you not get behind that?

But it was Dan’s explanation of what conservatives can do to make a difference that really hit home.

“Our approach has to be a common-sense approach,” Crenshaw said.

“It has to be developing newer, cleaner technology that helps our economy and also helps the world. This is the way that I like to phrase it: we want to focus on 100% of the problem, and you can only focus on 100% of global emissions if you have technology that is exportable, clean, reliable, and cheap.”

“If you want to just focus on 15% of the problem, which is what the U.S. emits as far as a global share of carbon emissions, then yeah, destroy our economy,” he continued. “Destroy our economy and you’ll erase 15% of emissions and guess what? You’ll do nothing.”


He’s right.

In fact, in the long run, the Green New Deal may end up doing more harm than good…

As afterward, the economy would be in such bad shape that it would return us to the pioneer days where people would be forced to burn wood for heat.

They don’t think this stuff through…

They want to take things away when the answer is ADDING new technologies.

You don’t force it…

You let the free market figure it out – it’s the tried and true way for lasting progress and success.


“We actually all care about the environment, and most people believe in climate change and believe that mankind has something to do with that — how much is scientifically debatable, but there is some effect and we all have an interest in reducing carbon emissions, just having cleaner air, cleaner oceans. It’s something we can get behind.” – Dan Crenshaw