The coronavirus has understandably been dominating the news cycle. One man that has been getting a lot of airtime is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is presiding over the state at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. His daily COVID-19 update press conferences are broadcast live daily across cable news, and his popularity has soared within the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has largely disappeared from news coverage. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has been relegated to livestreaming from his basement. That is no joke. Biden has been broadcasting from his Delaware home throughout the coronavirus crisis, and he has embarrassed himself every time he’s gone on the air. He is clearly declining cognitively, and it’s growing worse by the day.

Biden’s mental decline has prompted speculation that he will be replaced as the nominee by Governor Cuomo. Bloomberg reported, “The hashtag #PresidentCuomo trended on Twitter last week. Musings about Cuomo as a wild-card nominee have come from everywhere on the Left, including New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who called him ‘president of the coronavirus response,’ while a writer at the feminist website Jezebel, Rebecca Fishbein, wrote a piece headlined, ‘Help, I think I’m in love with Andrew Cuomo???’ She wrote another piece after Cuomo called to thank her.”

It is highly unlikely at this point that Cuomo will be the nominee. Biden leads Bernie Sanders by a wide margin in the delegate count and the next round of primary voting won’t occur until at least May, or possibly even later. In order for Cuomo to overtake Biden, he would have to win on a second ballot at the convention if Biden was unable to garner the 1,991 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. There hasn’t been a brokered convention since 1952.

However, it should concern Democrats and the Biden campaign that their likely nominee is still being doubted within the party. He is winning more by default than based on his own political skills. The party establishment—correctly—began freaking out when it appeared that the Marxist Bernie Sanders was going to win the party’s nomination and they decided to coalesce around Biden.

Many Democrats must be secretly dreading a Biden-Trump showdown. Trump is a prime-time performer, an energetic campaigner who is aggressive and relishes the spotlight. Biden, by contrast, is past his prime and appears to be disengaged from reality and stumbles his way through a speech.

Can you imagine Biden on the debate stage with Trump? Trump will eat him for dinner in a one-on-one debate. Trump is aggressive and quick-witted; Biden is passive and slow. Biden performed semi-decently at best throughout the Democrat debate season and he went up against far lesser competition than President Trump.

The Democrats are desperate to defeat Trump in November. Party insiders are nervous about Joe Biden and see Andrew Cuomo as a better option. He is the Democrat flavor of the week and is having his 15-minutes of fame. “Sleepy Joe” Biden needs to wake up.