“Systematic racism.”

It’s become a hot topic ever since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this year.

Movements like BLM and others have been saying that our police and our governmental system is designed to keep minorities down while lifting up white people, pointing to incidents that have no basis in either law or policy to make their case.

They’ve pushed this narrative so hard that it’s led to some cities defunding their police departments, if not abolishing them altogether.

They scream, “The system is racist! It must be dismantled and rebuilt!”

The talk about the death of Black men at the hands of our law enforcement, but they rarely mention the higher amounts of White deaths or discuss what these people were doing in order to have a confrontation with the police in the first place.

But even with these inconsistencies, the narrative of systemic racism has been repeated by the mainstream and the general public so many times that it’s somehow gotten the gullible population to actually buy the false and misleading talking points.

Systemic Racism? Where?

However, if confronted with this accusation of a “racist” system, you can always defeat it with one simple question:

Point out ONE overtly racist law or policy that forces our law enforcement or our government to treat one race better than another or put the needs one race over another.

If you can find that specific law, then we can talk about changing it and creating a better way to ensure that all races are treated equally in the eyes of the law.

But typically, when you present this question, it’s doubtful that you’ll get an answer.

They’ll simply keep pointing towards those that have lost their lives during a confrontation with law enforcement, but they don’t check statistics (or simply refuse to accept them). Either way, they can’t point to one law or policy that is designed to give one race precedence over another.

Now, maybe it’s because they’re lazy, or maybe it’s because they refuse to look, but I went ahead and did the work for them, and I actually found one law that fits the criteria.

Yes… I found a policy on the books (and a NEW one, at that) that is so overtly racist that its very existence should be CRIMINAL.

And it probably will surprise NO ONE that it comes from the Liberal governor of New York and recipient of nepotism, Andrew Cuomo.

This law deals with the small businesses greatly affected by the pandemic, focusing on getting them the relief they need in order to survive (though, this gesture may be a little too late, as one-third of all small businesses in the state have closed their doors FOREVER during the extreme lockdown measures handed out by Cuomo).

However, I guess late is better than never, and Cuomo is now awarding MILLIONS of dollars to these small businesses through the New York Forward Loan Fund.

A Racist Policy FOUND! Thanks, Cuomo!

That sounds great, right?

Well, it would be great, but as with all things, there’s a catch.

While distributing these taxpayer-funded loans, Cuomo is giving priority based on race and or sex.

Yes, that’s right…

This new policy is both racist and sexist.

In a statement by Cuomo’s own office, he told New Yorkers that his administration would be “focusing on” minority and women-owned business first.

So, if you’re a white business owner or male business owner and are in trouble…too bad.

You’ll have to wait and see if there’s any money left over after Cuomo puts the needs of other races first and prioritizes one sex over another.

Talk about systemic racism.

This is absolute proof that the Left doesn’t understand what the word “equality” means.

When it comes to these funds, it should be “first come, first served.” Everybody has a chance to qualify that way.

It’s amazing that nobody in Cuomo’s administration has pointed out that this policy is obtuse and, more importantly, unconstitutional.

Meh, they probably don’t care. They only care about scoring virtue-signaling points with the throngs on sycophants on the Left.

They don’t care how this policy hurts New York’s citizens. Cuomo only cares about how it makes him look in a bid for another term in the Governor’s mansion.



“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future, and renders the present inaccessible.” – Maya Angelou