Andrew Cuomo is a REAL piece of…work.

This man may be the most corrupt politician in New York’s history – which is saying something, given that the Empire State was once home to the Tammany Hall era.

As we speak, Cuomo is undergoing TWO investigations by the FBI…

The first for his skewing of the COVID death numbers, as he flubbed the actual death count in order to avoid a DoJ investigation into his administration.

The second is the investigation into alleged sexual harassment, as NUMEROUS women have accused the governor of both inappropriate touching AND sexual assault while having to deal with him.

That’s not good…

He and his brother Chris “Fredo” Cuomo of CNN spent a few years bashing Trump and the GOP over the same kinds of accusations. But while the charges against Trump turned out to be nothing but lies told to bring him down, Cuomo’s charges were apparently made in the name of justice.

Trump was cleared of his accusations…

Time will tell if Cuomo will be.

Cuomo Taking EVERYBODY Down With Him

But despite maintaining his innocence, Cuomo may have an idea that his ship is sinking, and he’s making moves that ensure that he’s not the only one residing in Davey Jones’ locker when all is said and done.

Why would he do something that puts innocent people’s heads on the chopping block—people who listened to him, people who were FORCED to follow to him—if for no other reason than spite?

What’d Cuomo do?

Well, he signed a bill into law on Tuesday that repeals legal immunity that the state had granted to nursing homes during the pandemic. This means that, effective immediately, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities can now be held civilly and CRIMINALLY liable for treatment and ultimate fate of individuals with COVID-19, even though they were FORCED by Cuomo himself to take in COVID-positive patients.

This may be the most underhanded and despicable act ever undertaken by a governor…ever!

The immunity had been granted last year under Article 30-D of the Public Health Law, known in the NY legislature as the Emergency or Disaster Treatment Protection Act, and it was sorely needed as COVID patients were being forced back into nursing and retirement homes.

However, a new incarnation of the bill states that it “repeals Article 30-D of the Public Health Law with the intent of holding health care facilities, administrators, and executives accountable for harm and damages incurred.”

It is unfair to put this potentially costly burden on people who didn’t have any choice in the matter.

But it doesn’t seem like Cuomo cares. He simply wants to see the world go down in flames with him.

The Liberal Lunacy Of New York’s COVID Crisis

Even worse is that NY Senator Alessandra Biaggi, who may be an even bigger Liberal the Cuomo himself, praised this move. She somehow feels that it was corporations that led to the death of these people, not Cuomo.

Biaggi said, “It is now apparent that negligence by administrators and executives of nursing homes has occurred to an extraordinary degree. Article 30-D egregiously uses severe liability standards as a means to insulate health care facilities and specifically, administrators and executives of such facilities, from any civil or criminal liability for negligence.”

Of course it should!!

They were FORCED to take in COVID patients with a population of people most at risk to die of complications from the virus!

This is absolutely insane!

It would be like telling your kid he HAS to eat dessert before dinner—and then when he can’t finish his dinner, you send him to bed early because he didn’t finish his food.

That may seem like an oversimplification of the situation…

But it’s exactly what’s going on in New York right now!

The quicker the people of New York can be rid of Cuomo, the better.

We can only hope he can’t bring any more innocent people with him.


“Every time I’ve done something that doesn’t feel right, it’s ended up not being right.” – Mario Cuomo