One of the first lessons my grandparents taught me as I was growing up was to accept responsibility when I did something wrong.

If I ever made a mistake, I was taught that I needed to own it, apologize for messing up, and then do what I can to rectify the situation.

This should be one of the first lessons any parent teaches their children.

If not parents, we can only hope that every child has someone in their life that can teach them that lesson, either through explanation or by being an example.

I’ve screwed up plenty of times in my life, as we ALL have.

However, there are very few instances where the things I’ve done can’t be fixed or remedied with enough effort.

But we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we can’t undo a mistake we’ve made, and when that happens, we need to just move forward the best way we know how. Even so, for the most part, accepting responsibility is the first step towards making things right.

Even at times when things can’t be made right, accepting responsibility and apologizing for the wrong is the best we can do, and willingness to apologize says a lot about a person.

It doesn’t make up for a mistake—especially when the life of another has been irreparably damaged or even lost—but saying “I’m sorry” and TRULY meaning it is often the right thing to do.

Again, this is something every child should know…

So why can’t New York Governor Andrew Cuomo understand this concept when it comes to his response to COVID-19?

Maybe Andrew Is ACTUALLY Fredo?

When the pandemic started, Trump did what he was supposed to do…

He took care of HIS duty in trying to protect the American people while trying to stop the virus from making it to American shores—something that NO ONE could have done—while letting the states deal with the virus as they saw fit.

That’s exactly how the Founding Fathers intended our country to run, and it’s exactly what an authoritarian or dictator WOULDN’T do.

Trump didn’t seize power. He let the states put their governors to work.

Some did better than others…

Ron DeSantis of Florida was AWESOME. Even with high case numbers (which shouldn’t even matter), low hospitalization rates and low death rates helped keep the state as open as possible, allowed Floridians to get back into the swing of things pretty quickly.

Others, like California’s Gavin Newsome, continue to keep their states on lockdown while ensuring their citizens are stuck in pandemic limbo.

However, it may be universally agreed upon that New York’s Andrew Cuomo was arguably the WORST of the bunch.

His policies killed thousands, and by forcing nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients into their care, he doomed the elderly community of his state.

And now, after all this time, how does he feel about this decision?

He feels he did the right thing.

Cuomo Says He Wouldn’t Change A Thing

During a recent appearance on Anderson Cooper, Cuomo was asked by the following by Cooper: if he could go back to the start of the pandemic, what would he do differently? Cooper pointed out the 6,000 nursing home deaths in Cuomo’s state as an example.

Here’s what Cuomo had to say:

“No. The… that was – that’s been seized on by political opponents, frankly. They’re doing it with all the Democratic states, all the Democratic governors. But it was wholly non-consequential. And we did a full report, it’s – by the numbers, it’s non-consequential. People in nursing homes died because this virus preyed on the sick and nursing homes were the feeding ground. When we first met this virus in the state of Washington it was in a nursing home. And you look at any state, many people in nursing homes passed away because they were the most vulnerable population. Here in New York, we’re number 46, Anderson, out of 50 states in terms of percentage of deaths in nursing homes. 46 out of 50, and we had it worse than anyone. Because we were ambushed by this virus because the federal government kept calling it the China virus, meanwhile, the virus came here from Europe and they didn’t even know it. The virus left China, went to Italy, France, Spain and came here from Italy, France, Spain and we never had a warning. So, we’re number 46 out of 50 in terms of percentage of deaths. We have tracked what happened in nursing homes, and the infection went into nursing homes from the working staff when there was community spread, back before anyone realized anything, when the federal government was telling us that there was no such thing as asymptomatic spread, that you had to have symptoms to spread it. That was wrong also. So, nursing home staff brought it in, and that was the result.”

Oh, so according to Cuomo, it wasn’t the fact that he forced nursing homes to take in sick people. In his mind, it was all because of the staff.

We’re calling bulls**t, Andy…

You screwed up. Your policies got people killed, and you’re not humble enough to accept responsibility for your actions.


A little humility could go a long way here. Maybe a “yeah, we may have been wrong – and I’m sorry” would help some of these families who have lost love ones start healing.

But you can’t do that…

And that’s terrible.

Hopefully, when you’re standing before your Maker one day, you’ll be able to accept responsibility then…

And if not, I pray for your soul.


“One of the key qualities a leader must possess is the ability to detach from the chaos, mayhem, and emotions in a situation and make good, clear decisions based on what is actually happening.” – Jocko Willink