It took a pandemic to prove to New Yorkers that Andrew Cuomo is one of the most inept governors in their state’s history.

His father wasn’t the best either, but you’d think that being Mario Cuomo’s son would have given him a leg up on how to actually govern. Turns out that’s asking too much, as Andrew Cuomo has helped destroy his state by declaring war on the rich.

A few years ago, the taxes in New York were getting out of control, but, like with anything else people pay for, if people feel like they’re getting something for their money, they’ll continue to pay it—regardless of whether or not it’s got ACTUAL value.

Apparently, plenty of people felt like the services they got—plus the added bonus of being in proximity to New York City—was worth it…

Right up until it wasn’t.

If you live in New York, you’re not just paying Federal and state taxes. You could also be paying county and city taxes as well, and that begins to add up after a while. Eventually, it inevitably reached the point that it was extracting too heavy of a toll and people started looking for greener pastures.

People Left And Cuomo Played The Blame Game

Honestly, New York’s sales tax is LOWER than Florida’s – coming it at 4% compared to Florida’s 6%.

However, when you factor local taxes into the equation, that number jumps above 8% for what people are paying just in sales tax.

But that wasn’t the kicker…

The fact that New York has a state income tax and Florida doesn’t has long made is more appealing to many of the wealthy in the state—and in recent years, many have decided to pull up stakes and head south.

Of course, Cuomo took offense to this when he found he was coming into the year with a $4 billion dollar shortfall in his budget due to the lost income from the mass exodus of the rich from his state.

So, rather than change his policies, he blamed Florida for it instead of looking at the high taxes he imposes on the residents.

You’d think he’d have learned his lesson…

But it’s obvious by his latest comments that he hasn’t – and now it looks like those few rich people that are left living in the state are going to have to shoulder an even heavier tax burden than before.

How do we know this?

Because Governor Cuomo himself hinted to reporters that tax hikes on New York City’s wealthiest residents were possible, if not likely, unless better relief options come to fruition for the state.

If You’re A Rich New Yorker – Be Prepared!

“We have a deficit,” Cuomo told reporters, “We don’t just have an economic deficit – we have a combination of factors that are hurting New York City. Before you talk about tax increases in New York City or New York State, let’s first focus on the better options.”

Way to assure the people that actually foot the tax bill in your state, Andy…

And maybe you should consider LOWERING taxes in order to attract residents who no longer see the benefits of living in a state that isn’t open and doesn’t allow them the freedom to make money like Florida, Texas, and other states do.

Cuomo wants a handout from the federal government, but that’s highly unlikely due to Cuomo’s response to both the pandemic and the riots that have been happening in the larger cities around his state.

Cuomo says “Washington is doing absolutely nothing,”—but why should it? It’s HIS mess, and he needs to clean it up.

It seems his only option—other than raising taxes on the rich—is yet ANOTHER federal solution where the US government increases taxes nationwide so that New York doesn’t find itself at a competitive disadvantage when compared with other places with lower taxes.

If neither of these scenarios play out—and it’s most likely they WON’T—Cuomo has said the situation would be like the “third level of hell” and included a disastrous combination of raising taxes, budget cuts, and borrowing to meet his budget.

Two guesses whom he’ll blame this time…

Odds are it’ll be the guy that sits in the Oval Office with the orange-looking skin and funny hair.

That’s Cuomo’s MO…


“Until you stop blaming others for your unhappy life and take responsibility for it, you will remain the same. The choice is yours.”

― Christine E. Szymanski