Andrew Cuomo, the most overrated Governor in America, presided over one of the deadliest coronavirus hot spots in the world. Despite this, the mainstream media—and even experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci—have lauded his efforts to combat the virus and have used him as a foil to President Trump.

The media narrative is that President Trump has caused the virus to spread by encouraging reopening the country, and Andrew Cuomo and his fellow Democrat governors and mayors are saving the country through lockdowns.

There is little if any reliable data that shows that the hard lockdowns that took place in the country during the spring were effective. In fact, there is more data that shows that they likely were more harmful because Americans were forced to be confined in their homes with others who had the virus and transmission is easier in enclosed confinement.

Instead of shouldering the blame for the deadly mistakes he made, Governor Cuomo has decided that President Trump is still to blame for the coronavirus spread.

Cuomo told MSNBC that “the virus is increasing all across the country. We are seeing the numbers going up. We going up in the Midwest, we see the health experts, Johns Hopkins, and others now saying the nation has to hit a reset. We do need a reset. The reset has to start at the top. We have confusion. We have chaos. We don’t have operations set up. It has to start with the president of the United States. He has to stand up and say what he didn’t say six months ago. He has to say to the American people that COVID is serious.”

What a line of malarkey. Let’s review the facts. Governor Cuomo’s leadership has been disastrous for the Empire State. On a per-capita basis, New York’s COVID-19 death rate has been a third higher than any nation on earth, and higher than that of any state besides neighboring New Jersey. Italy, an early epicenter of the pandemic, lost 561 people per million; New York lost 1,667.  More than 32,000 New Yorkers have died from the coronavirus — over twice as many as in any other state.

This didn’t happen by accident as National Review pointed out. “New York’s authorities were reassuring the public to go on as normal until well past the point where the coronavirus had spread pervasively throughout the community. They had let languish the city and state stockpiles of emergency equipment. Most disastrously, Cuomo and New Jersey governor Phil Murphy both ordered nursing homes to take back patients who tested positive for the virus, unleashing catastrophic death tolls in both states’ nursing-home populations.”

Cuomo’s decision to send COVID positive seniors to their nursing homes was an unmitigated disaster, yet he is held up as the gold standard of COVID management. The truth is that the virus is almost impossible to contain outside of protecting the most vulnerable populations such as those over the age of 70 and those with underlying health conditions.

The death rate is infinitesimal in the younger population comparatively and lockdowns aren’t going to eliminate the spread of the virus. Aiming for herd immunity is the far better option and kids need to go back to school. The flare-up isn’t just happening in America but is taking place around the world.

Is it President Trump’s fault that the world has seen a spike in COVID cases? The media and Andrew Cuomo would have us believe that this is so. When in doubt, blame President Trump for any ill on the planet. That is their guiding principle. That way they don’t have to blame themselves. Andrew Cuomo is following this mantra perfectly.