This summer, massive anti-government protests broke out on the streets of Cuba, and predictably, the Communist Cuban government cracked down on the protestors—violently.

However, what followed the protests has largely escaped public scrutiny…until now.

The Washington Post did a rare piece of good reporting, bringing us the shocking truth of the situation…hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The Post reported on conditions on the ground following this summer’s protests, detailing the brutal crackdown implemented by the Communist regime:

“Massive sweeps by security forces in the hours and days after the protests saw more than 1,000 people detained. Even now, nearly 500 — the most political prisoners held in Cuba in at least two decades — remain behind bars and locked in murky legal proceedings, according to Cubalex, a nonprofit that has monitored the detentions.

In many cases, detainees were subjected to beatings, humiliation and psychological abuse, according to a sweeping report released Tuesday by Human Rights Watch. It provides the most detailed accounting yet of Cuba’s swift shutdown of dissent.

Of the 130 prisoners whose cases were investigated, Human Rights Watch reports, 48 sustained some form of physical abuse. Such treatment came mostly during the initial hours or days after detention. After that, many detainees were left to languish in crowded cells with poor sanitation and substandard food.

Little is known about the conditions of the hundreds who remain in jail.”

The socialist/communist system in Havana has wreaked havoc on the island nation for 62 years, leaving poverty, hopelessness, and death in its wake.

Socialism fails every time it is tried, and Cuba is no exception.

Ever since the Castros came to power in 1959, misery has ensued. Planned economies don’t work, and they never will.

Socialist economies invariably bring shortages of essential goods. Those who claim that the recent protests in Cuba were strictly about lack of COVID vaccines and other goods should not be surprised, because shortages are the norm, not the exception, of socialist planned economies.

The American Left has had an odd fascination and admiration for Cuba for decades.

It was only six years ago that then-President Obama opened diplomatic relations with the communist regime in Havana and celebrated their supposedly successful health care system. That is ironic given the medical shortages being protested today.

Bernie Sanders went so far as to praise Fidel Castro for his literacy program. Ah, yes, because when one thinks of a murderous communist dictator, they often think of their wonderful work with citizen literacy.

In the past, presidents from both parties spoke out against the Cuban regime and in support of freedom for the Cuban people.

President John F. Kennedy famously backed an invasion at the Bay of Pigs to overthrow the Castro regime, and President Reagan included Cuba in his ongoing battle against the evil empire of communism.

A new mass protest is being planned for November 15, when the Communist nation is set to welcome foreign travelers once again following pandemic lockdowns.

Hopefully this time the Communist regime won’t crack down so harshly on the freedom protesters.

Sadly, given the brutal history of communism, this is wishful thinking.