As an instruct in combat sports, I have to admit that I love a good throwdown.

I find a good old-fashioned fight to be the height of entertainment—so much so that the only sports I watch anymore involve two combatants (men or women) trying to render the other unconscious with their hands, feet, or grappling techniques.

Does that make me uncivilized? Does that make me a barbarian or an uncouth soul?


But I like what I like.

I like the controlled chaos of it all

However, outside the ring in the real world, I’m not that big of a fan of fighting.

Now, I love watching ANTIFA get punched in the face whenever possible, but the true reason I don’t enjoy street fights is because the majority of them cross the line.

I’ve seen fights where an unconscious opponent gets stomped in the head, defenseless and bleeding – and it always makes we wonder what kind of damage is truly being done.

However, as a man, I’m drawn to confrontation.

There’s an electricity in the air before a fight, and it’s palpable.

You Can FEEL The Tension

We got a taste of that watching the presidential debates on Tuesday night.

The American in me HATED what I was watching, as I knew that Trump wasn’t winning over the fence-sitters.

However, the savage in me couldn’t stop watching. In fact, that part of me was trying to will one of those septuagenarians to run across the stage and tackle the other one.


The contentious posture the two presidential candidates took is NOTHING compared to what recently transpired between Chris “Fredo” Cuomo when he invited “Lion” Ted Cruz onto his show to discuss that debate.

It was BAD…

So bad in fact, that, if you watch it, you can see how flustered Cuomo gets. His face practically turns red—and he’s got the worst poker face in the world.

Meanwhile, Lion Ted was cool as a cucumber and simply pointed out facts, all while Fredo just tries to insult.

For 20 minutes, the Statesman and the Spokesman went back and forth. It’s truly an entertaining watch.

However, if you don’t have enough time to sit through all of it, here are some of the highlights.

Cruz Take Fredo To The Wood Shed

Cruz started with this incredible opening salvo, “Chris, there was a time when CNN cared about being journalistic and talking about facts… Donald Trump broke you guys. I mean, you’re…just your entire show, your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump.”

This is a fact…

CNN refuses to paint Trump in anything but a negative light – and it’s a shame because he’s done so much for America that he deserves better from a “news outlet.”

But there was more…

Cuomo asked Cruz what the governors of states should do “when people are getting sick,” hinting that business must be closed to save lives…

Cruz hit Cuomo and his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with a pretty good zinger, saying, “Well, you don’t send them to nursing homes. You don’t send them to nursing homes.”

During the course of the interview, Cruz continued to throw the states of New York and New Jersey under the bus for their death rates, while Cuomo tried to hit Texas and Florida for opening and having more cases.

But cases aren’t exactly a bad things, are they, Fredo?

Cases in those states are a good thing because many of the people who test positive were asymptomatic…

You need to look at hospitalization and death stats instead—and seeing as the CDC recently released the survivability rates for COVID, showing that anybody under 70 years of age has close to a 100% chance of surviving the virus, there needs to be a REAL re-evaluation as to how “deadly” this disease actually is.

This was more of the same attitude that is prevailing in America right now…

The Right is trying to talk facts, the Left is trying to insult.

More of the same…

But still entertaining.


“My touchstone for every question is the Constitution.” – Ted Cruz