The country is on fire and Democratic mayors are doing nothing to stop the wildfires from spreading. The number one job of any American government leader at any level is to protect the life, liberty, and property of individual Americans. Democrat Mayors in cities ranging from Chicago, Portland, and Seattle have abdicated their solemn duty to the residents of their cities to placate the mob and have faced no consequences for doing so.

But Senator Ted Cruz intends to put an end to this.

This morning, Senator Cruz penned an op-ed in the pages of the Wall Street Journal in which he defended a bill he is proposing to hold those mayors accountable for letting their cities spin out of control.

Cruz wrote the following:

“Local leaders who allow rioters to destroy lives and businesses need to be held accountable. That’s why I’m introducing the Restitution for Economic losses Caused by Leaders who Allow Insurrection and Mayhem Act—Reclaim for short. The bill would hold state and local officials liable when they abdicate their legal duty to protect the public in cases where death, serious bodily harm, or significant property damage have occurred.

Specifically, my bill would allow for treble damages, meaning a plaintiff could be awarded triple the amount of the damage done to his property. It would also establish a federal cause of action, which would empower victims of violence in autonomous zones to take legal action against senior local or state lawmakers who have tolerated or encouraged radicals to take over the area. Finally, when politicians refuse to defend innocent Americans, this bill would remove or limit federal funding under grant programs that supply important law-enforcement and crime-prevention programs for local government.”

It’s about time that another Republican leader besides President Trump took a stand against lawlessness in this country. Sure, some have thrown out a few tweets condemning the mob violence, but that is about the extent of their effort. Ted Cruz, who was a former rival of Trump, has repeatedly put any personal issues he might still have with the president aside to do what’s best for the country.

Instead of just talking about how bad the situation is, Trump and Cruz are doing something about it. Trump is once again being condemned by Democrats and their media allies for sending some federal officials to Portland and Chicago to help tame the violence in those cities. He is predictably being accused of purposely stoking racial tensions from people such as Senator Cory Booker and others.

Did it ever occur to these people that Trump wouldn’t have to be put in this position if the Democrat mayors in these two cities hadn’t let the mob rage while simultaneously virtue-signaling to the Left-wing social justice warriors? That is obviously a rhetorical question.

I am as big a defender of federalism as anyone, however, Constitutional rights are not being protected by local authorities so it is incumbent on the President to pick up the slack. It is a shame that it has come to this, but this is the world we live in, not the one we want to live in.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump get this. The Democrats don’t…more likely, they don’t care or even are fine with the current status quo. Either way, it’s a shame.