Orlando, Florida

Greeting from Florida, the land of liberty!

CPAC 2021 is underway, and Freedom Wire is on the ground to give you the latest updates from the headline speakers.

The largest conservative conclave of the year is meeting this year in Orlando, escaping to the free state of Florida from the oppressive lockdown city of Washington D.C. where the event is usually held.

Kicking off the event is Florida Governor—and potential 2024 presidential candidate—Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is the liberty governor. He opened Florida for business long before the rest of the country and he has been the media’s punching bag despite performing better on nearly every COVID metric, especially when compared to media darling/nursing patient killer Andrew Cuomo.

DeSantis entered to a standing ovation. He began by welcoming the attendees to Florida.

“Welcome to our oasis of freedom,” the Governor said.

He took aim at oppressive lockdowns in other states by saying: “Governors kept locking people down and Florida lifted people up… Every business has a right to operate.”

He then highlighted the successes that his administration has had in combating the pandemic, bringing attention to data that the media amazingly overlooks.

Florida has lower COVID deaths per capita than the national average, despite having one of the largest senior populations in the country.

By nearly every pandemic metric, Florida is performing either at the national average or even better.

Governor DeSantis informed the CPAC crowd that his administration is working to ensure the integrity of our elections.

Florida performed admirably—which is impressive given the history of the state’s election performances—and from the beginning of his term, he took action and removed the atrocious head of elections in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

All these actions led to Florida having its elections concluded by election night.

The Florida legislature is going to meet next month to pass legislation that will outlaw ballot harvesting.

Governor DeSantis has been leading the way at the state level to combat Big Tech censorship and is taking steps to prevent de-platforming and protect data privacy.

DeSantis also took a shot at the old Republican establishment when he said that the GOP “won’t go back to failed Republican establishment of yesteryear and that the party must reject open borders, amnesty and cheap labor” which he said, “was like building an economy on a foundation of quicksand.”

On foreign policy, he said that the GOP must stand for “strong defense, not adventurism,” and that “America must stand up to China.”

DeSantis paid tribute to Rush Limbaugh and said that he had ordered flags to be lowered in honor of his memory. “Rush stood for his convictions and that he was the first to fight cancel culture. He gave conservativism a backbone.”

Governor DeSantis concluded by rallying conservatives with a warning that standing for what’s right comes at a cost, and that they will face cancel culture and ridicule.

He roused the crowd by saying, “when the Left comes at you will you stay strong or will you fold?

Hold the line, stand your ground, and don’t ever back down!”

Judging by the reaction from the crowd to DeSantis’s speech, he will be a strong contender for the Republican nomination in 2024 if former President Trump doesn’t run.

Republicans would do well with either candidate.

Thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis, the future looks bright in the Sunshine State.

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