The coronavirus lockdowns should never have happened, but they did. While I do not in any way agree with them, I can understand how politicians felt it was a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. We were dealing with a foreign virus that we knew next to nothing about. With that in mind, the initial shutdowns that caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs were not necessarily Republicans’ or Democrats’ “fault,” per say.

Now, months after the March lockdowns, hospitals are fully stocked with PPE, beds, and ventilators, but more importantly, life-saving therapies for COVID-19 are available. There is no reason to keep the country shut down, but the Left is trying to ensure that everything remains closed.

At this point in the pandemic, job loss or unemployment due to unnecessary closures can be attributed to the party who wants to perpetuate them – the Democrats.

According to a June Pew Research study that went largely underreported by the mainstream media, the groups that are negatively affected the most by lockdowns include women, minorities, immigrants, and young adults. The study highlighted a few key findings, specifically that:

  • Hispanic and Asian women experienced more job loss than other workers
  • US-born immigrants faced higher job cuts
  • 25% of young workers (ages 16-24) lost their jobs
  • People without a bachelor’s degree also lost more jobs than those who are college-educated

The research indicates that these groups were more likely to face higher job loss because they were employed in high-risk industries or “nonessential” jobs. They typically held jobs in the restaurant, hospitality, and travel industries that took harder hits than other businesses as shutdowns spread.

Again, while it is no one’s fault that these groups lost their jobs in the first place, I find it logical to say that the Left is to blame for preventing them from getting those jobs back. Democrats always say they are on the side of “diversity” and the “disadvantaged,” namely immigrants, women, and minorities, yet they refuse to allow them to prosper.

Although the United States is fully equipped to reopen, Democrats are explicit in insisting on keeping certain people down, even those who they claim to help.

We have heard the Democrats accuse the Trump administration and Republicans of racism and misogyny countless times, yet they are consistently the ones whose actions prove to be detrimental to women and minorities.

We see authoritarian officials like California Governor Gavin Newsom instituting a second shutdown in a state that is FULL of immigrants (legal and illegal) and minorities, due to what they know to be inflated coronavirus numbers. The same is going on in certain Democrat-run cities and counties all across the country.

Is it not racist and misogynistic to refuse immigrants, minorities, and women the right to return to work, should they want to?

In my book it is, especially when more educated, typically white, and male individuals get to keep their jobs during lockdowns. This is just another hypocrisy of the Left that no one will expose—besides us, of course. The proof is in the pudding. The Left is trying to keep us down and we must fight back against the draconian lockdowns we are slowly becoming accustomed to.