More than even manufacturing and supply, perhaps the absolute hardest aspect of business is logistics.

Making sure that customers can get the items they want in a timely manner is the biggest challenge for any company, especially in today’s world where e-commerce has taken over the market.

Getting items where they’re supposed to go a nightmare as it is, but when you factor in pandemic restrictions on international trade and movement, you’ve got more than just a nightmare…you’ve got a living hell for businesses small and large.

COVID has made all our lives less convenient. If it’s not the mask mandates, it’s restrictions on where we can go, and now that vaccine mandates are popping up all over the US, it’s the choice of whether to get vaccinated or else be kicked out of society.

We’ve all been changed by the pandemic. However, in the area of business logistics, already the hardest part of the business world, things have gone from terrible to completely FUBAR.

Because unlike other areas of post-pandemic life, where things have reached a balance, supply infrastructure can’t be updated in quite the same way…and the world as we know it could fall apart if we don’t fix it.

Are We On The Verge Of Global Collapse?

If things don’t change soon, we could soon find ourselves in a VERY bad place, potentially even finding ourselves in a complete collapse of international trade.

Various unions that represent shipping workers around the globe presented an open letter to world leaders warning of an imminent “global transport systems collapse” due to the lingering impacts that COVID is having on logistics and transport.

In the letter, the coalition warned that chaotic and ever-changing restrictions around the world have brought global shipping to a standstill.

Supply-chain backlogs have left DOZENS of cargo ships floating in the waters outside US ports, which adds to the pandemonium of an already depleted truck driver pool that could absolutely ruin more than a few Christmases come this December.

One part of the letter reads, “Seafarers, air crew, and drivers must be able to continue to do their jobs, and cross borders, to keep supply chains moving. We ask heads of government to urgently take the leadership that is required to bring an end to the fragmented travel rules and restrictions that have severely impacted the global supply chain and put at risk the health and wellbeing of our international transport workforce. We also need the same urgent leadership to increase global vaccine supply by all means at our disposal, in order to expedite the recovery of our industries.”


That doesn’t seem like too tall of an order – but for some reason, our world leaders can’t get on the same page. But with only a short time before people start feeling the crunch, they need to act soon.

Have your eye on a certain item for Black Friday?

Well, you might as well forget it. Odds are good that the item you want will more than likely be on a ship floating in the Pacific, waiting to dock while companies hunt down workers to unload the freighters.

“Unprecedented Disruptions And Shortages”

It’s messed up all around…

No workers to man the docks, no truckers to transport the goods, and rising costs make the coming holiday season look a little bleak.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what the unions had to say, “The impact of nearly two years’ worth of strain, placed particularly upon maritime and road transport workers, but also impacting air crews, is now being seen. Their continued mistreatment is adding pressure on an already crumbling global supply chain. We are witnessing unprecedented disruptions and global delays and shortages on essential goods including electronics, food, fuel and medical supplies. Consumer demand is rising and the delays look set to worsen ahead of Christmas and continue into 2022.”

“Unprecedented disruptions and global delays and shortages on essential goods.”

That’s where the world is right now.

Because this doesn’t just end with that Playstation or laptop you wanted…

“Food, fuel and medical supplies” are also at risk.

And you wonder why Trump was trying so hard to bring manufacturing BACK to the US?

Do you get it now?

Things are bad folks, and if something isn’t done soon, they’re going to get worse…especially with a Dementia Joe Biden at the wheel.

We’ll close this article with the last paragraph of the letter…

Let the weight of what these people are saying sink in. If they’re this desperate, things are worse than we could even imagine.

“In view of the vital role that transport workers have played during the pandemic and continue to play during the ongoing supply chain crisis, we request, as a matter of urgency, a meeting with WHO and the ILO at the highest level to identify solutions before global transport systems collapse. We also ask that WHO and the ILO raise this at the UN General Assembly and call on heads of government to take meaningful and swift action to resolve this crisis now.”

Let’s hope our world leaders listen…


“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.” – Sun Tzu