As early as last year, we knew that the COVID-induced lockdowns would damage the American economy.

There was no way around it. We knew that if we shuttered ourselves for the two weeks that government officials asked, there would be repercussions from forcing people to stay home and not work.

However, as a country, we accepted it and followed orders. The people telling us what to do were the “experts,” and we watched people dying in droves in Europe and China, so it just made the most sense at the time.

But what a difference a year makes.

I said on a recent podcast that I absolutely believe that the virus was blown out of proportion by the mainstream media and the Left in order to harm Trump and ensure he wouldn’t get re-elected.

Of course, there’s no proof to this, but it’s funny how CNN took their scrolling “death counter” off their shows once Biden was inaugurated.

Newsflash: people are still dying!

Of course, WHAT they’re dying from and what it’s being reported that they’re dying from could be two different things…but I digress.

The Effects Of Locking Down REVEALED!

We were told to lockdown for two weeks to stem the tide of the Rona…

However, in some states, two weeks turned into a month (not Florida, thank God. Shoutout to Ron DeSantis!), which turned into a few more months, which became a full year of people locked in their homes with their businesses shuttered.

And what was the toll paid by the American people?

Financial ruin… loneliness… anger… frustration…

Yes, all of these and more…

However, very few of these experts talked about the unhealthiness that plagues our citizens and even helped contribute to the still-rising death numbers.

How much has unhealthiness affected the population?

Well, according to the survey from the American Psychological Association, a whopping 42% of Americans gained weight during the forced lockdowns…

With the average being a knee-wobbling 29 pounds!

That’s downright disturbing…

But it’s not the ONLY blights on American health that our elected officials visited upon the citizens.

It Gets WORSE…

Almost 25% of the adults surveyed admitted to drinking more alcohol to help them cope with the many stresses of the pandemic, and those figures SOARED with parents of school-aged children, jumping up to 52%.

Almost half of all parents—a staggering 48%—also said they are more stressed than they were prior to the pandemic, with challenges of unemployment and remote learning being among the biggest stressors.

Not only are people gaining weight and drinking more, but they’re getting less sleep, too.

35% of the 3,000 people surveyed also reported getting less sleep than they wanted to, and 31% actually reported getting MORE sleep than desired, leading to more inactivity.

These are the effects that aren’t being talked about in the mainstream media, but they’ll be the ones with the biggest impact on life in America going forward.

The worst part?

We haven’t even touched on the fact that all of these factors contribute to the rising rates of suicide around the country.

The more we learn, the more the now know that the lockdowns were in place for too long…

And in fact, might not have been needed in the first place.

With the health experts now predicting that America could hit herd immunity by April and be “back to normal” by Independence Day, one can’t help but wonder if we would have gotten there FASTER had we not quarantined healthy people with sick people.

Regardless, the numbers are in, and Americans are unhealthier than they’ve ever been due to the lockdowns – and we will see the damage for YEARS to come.

Too bad we didn’t listen to Trump more than we did to the “experts”…

We may be better off right now.


“There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.” – Arlen Specter



Editor’s Note:

With the rushing out of the vaccine (which isn’t a vaccine at all, but actually gene therapy), there are a lot of questions that have yet to be answered about the three different brands being given to the American public.

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