California’s long-awaited recall election to decide whether to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom is finally upon us, but the question on conservatives’ mind is: Will it be stolen?

Considering the events of the 2020 presidential election, why would a recall election in a place like California, which is led by Democrats from San Diego to the Bay, be any different?

Unfortunately, bad signs are already arising as millions of Californians cast early votes ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Several voters in one San Fernando Valley precinct reported last week that when they went to the polls to vote, they were reportedly told the computer records showed they already voted.

Estelle Bender, 88, told KTLA, “I went to El Camino High School to vote. Got there at 10:30. Gave her this [ballot] and she scanned and said ‘you voted,’ and I said, ‘no, I haven’t.”

Bender added she was not the only person this happened to. Friends of hers as well as multiple people at the polling place experienced the same issue, she said.

A man standing next to her “was arguing the same thing,” she told the outlet.

Instead of casting a normal vote, election workers had Bender fill out a provisional ballot to cast her vote in the California recall election.

Addressing the controversy her story caused, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office said in a statement that provisional ballots are a “failsafe” alternative to regular voting.

“Once the eligibility of the voter is verified, [the ballots] are processed and counted,” the statement obtained by KTLA reads.

Not long ago, police officers arrested a convicted felon who was found passed out in the parking lot of a California 7-11 with hundreds of mail-in ballots.

Law enforcement and the media reported this as a one-off, isolated incident that was not cause for concern about widespread voter fraud occurring in the special election.

Now that instances of voter discrepancies are rising, it would not be surprising if it turns out that voter fraud was more common than originally reported.

Former President Donald Trump predicted this may happen earlier this month. When asked what his thoughts were on the recall election, he said it will be “probably rigged” by the Democrats, just like the 2020 presidential election.

While this is certainly a possibility, we can only hope that the votes to recall Newsom will overwhelm the number of potentially fraudulent votes.