For years, many liberals have been deriding businesses for being greedy and unresponsive to the needs of society. They claim that corporations are more interested in their bottom lines than they are with the wellbeing of their local communities and their own employees. Although that may be true in some cases, there are plenty of compassionate companies out there and they are displaying their generosity during these trying times.

Corporations are made up of people, not mindless, unfeeling machines. They have family and friends like the rest of us. They have hearts, too. It must be baffling to Liberals that companies are generously providing for their employees and local communities during this present crisis and some are even rerouting their production to meet the demand for urgent medical products in short supply. They have done all this without requiring the federal government to compel them to do so.

The following is a list of some notable businesses being generous during the COVID-19 pandemic as reported by Forbes:

Shine Distillery in Portland started making and giving away hand sanitizer in an acute shortage.

Chef José Andrés of LA set up shop in California earlier this month to feed cruise ship guests quarantined from the outbreak. Andrés announced this week he will transform eight of his New York and Washington, DC, restaurants into community kitchens for those struggling during the pandemic.

Sweetgreen has announced it will start dedicating Outpost operations and teams to support “those on the front lines” (meaning hospital workers and medical personnel) by delivering free salads and bowls to hospitals in the cities it serves.

 CEO Michael Lastoria notified employees last week that the company is offering free, unlimited pizzas to them and their immediate families, as well as to hospital workers who show identification. The company is also raising hourly pay by $1 and 14 days of “health and safety pay” to employees who have tested positive or who have come in contact with someone with coronavirus.

Everytable, a Los Angeles-based café launched a helpline to ensure that everyone in its market has access to healthy meals during this time.

Giorgio Armani has donated $1.43 million dollars to four hospitals in Rome and Milan, as well as to the Civil Protection Agency.

Amazon created a $25M fund to help its delivery drivers and seasonal workers cope with coronavirus, and a $5M dollar fund to help affected small businesses in Seattle.

Amazon and Microsoft have each pledged $2.5 million, with the possibility of more, to help out those afflicted by the disease in Seattle.

Delta’s CEO is forgoing his salary for the year to try and diminish layoffs.

Ideal Bite Community Kitchen is donating food to organizations like Cass Community Social Services (CCSS), a nonprofit organization working with at-risk communities in Detroit.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the companies that are stepping up to the plate during this time of need.

In normal times, liberals mistake the profit motive for greed, but the two words are not synonyms. Companies need to make profits in order to stay in business. By providing goods and services that we value, these companies make money and thus are able to employ more workers. The free market produces these results organically without the government setting production quotas or price controls.

So, when this crisis is over, remind a Leftist of the generosity these businesses showed when they spout off about the evils of the free market.