What is it about today’s Liberals that makes them so intent on instituting nationalized healthcare?

When you look around the world, you can clearly see that there isn’t ONE nationalized healthcare system that is thriving.

In fact…

The most vaunted nationalized healthcare systems around—the Scandinavian systems—are failing. They’re currently trying to find a workaround so that they can keep giving people the care they need, but it may not be too long before they abandon the system.


Because it’s all but unsustainable…

You simply can’t give quality care to a vast population for the cheapest possible price.

Health care shouldn’t come down to bargain-basement prices…

But when it comes to socialized medicine, that’s what happens. The company that can give the most for the least.

If you think that’s a good idea—especially when it comes to the therapies, devices, and medicines it takes to keep people healthy—then you’re probably a Liberal and are either reading this by accident…

Or trying to tear this apart with your Liberal friends.

Cheap Or Quality? You Can’t Have Both…

Good luck with that!

Getting cheap goods CAN be a good thing.

It makes sense for some industries…

But when it comes to the medical profession, nobody should want the cheapest of anything. We want the best because, to most people, there are few things more important than saving lives.

And you can’t do that with cheap, unreliable products.

What Bernie Sanders and other Liberals want doesn’t seem to be working out too well for the other countries that are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Like China…

It’s been reported that China is becoming desperate to stop the virus, actually SHOOTING people that have the disease, and also welding infected people into their homes to prevent it from spreading.

Not only that…

People are dying in the streets, and the government is having to collect bodies!

And people still tout socialized medicine.

Not convinced?

What about Italy?

Italy is another country dealing with an unprecedented outbreak, and it’s gotten so bad that even doctors and nurses are contracting the virus—and yet they still have to work because there’s nobody else left to take care of sick citizens.

To make matters worse…

They’re basically performing triage in hospitals right now because they don’t have the ability to care for their patients properly.

They’re having to decide who lives and who dies, who gets care and who doesn’t.

Still not enough?

It Gets Even WORSE!

Iran – another country that has nationalized healthcare – is literally digging pits right now, creating mass graves for all of those who have contracted the disease.

This is what socialized medicine looks like…

And this is what Bernie, Warren, and all the Bernie Bros want to turn America into?

How about they finally just admit that capitalism and the free market system is the best kind any country can follow?

It’s easy…

There’s a reason why people from ALL over the world come to the US to get medical procedures instead of staying in their own country.

THAT is the face of capitalism, friends…

And isn’t it glorious?!


“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Winston Churchill