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When does a conspiracy theory become a full-fledged fact?

Normally, the answers aren’t apparent until all is said and done.

What you’re going to hear is very much a conspiracy theory…

But when you take into account all the facts, this may very well be one of those moments in history where we’re able to change the outcome of something evil.

If the global elite really wanted to take over, they would need to start at the heart of civilization…

The economy.

And what better way to destroy an economy than to unleash a virus that would bring it to a screeching halt?

Is the spread of the Wuhan virus and the chaos it’s inflicted on both the American and global economies something that was planned from the start?

Did the people who truly make the decisions that impact and shape our world know that the virus was going to put an end to America’s unprecedented time of prosperity?

And even more…

Did they want this to happen all along?

A Dark And Winding Path To Control


It depends on how dark you believe the hearts of some of America’s most powerful people are.

For years, Alex Jones has been shouting at the top of his lungs to anybody that will listen that HUGE and Satanic pedophile ring with members of the global elite were looking to take over the world.

People dismissed him for being a crackpot…

But then Jeffrey Epstein fell, and what Jones was saying started making a LOT more sense.

He said the Deep State’s true ambition was a ONE World Order where the global elites were in control and the people who were left alive became nothing more than the slaves to their whims and desires.

But he also argued that it couldn’t happen while America was still standing strong…

And that Donald Trump was the monkey wrench in the machine that could bring their whole plan crashing down around them.

Something desperate had to be done – especially seeing as there was no WAY these elites would be able to beat our president at the polls…

And the Wuhan virus may have been the desperate act of some very desperate people who have been looking to seize power for themselves.

Politicians and industrialists seem to have been given a heads-up beforehand. Like we discussed in Part One, 17 CEOs of MAJOR companies resigned within a few months of each other—and it seems a little too coordinated to be chance or coincidence.

13 of these businessmen and women stepped down from their posts after the Wuhan virus begins its surge across the world.

CEOs just don’t do that in bunches like that…

But the fact that they did makes you wonder: what did they know?

Were The Elite TOLD What Was Going To Happen?!

Like Bill Gates’ departure from Microsoft, Bob Iger’s resignations seemed to come out of nowhere. And when the former Disney head was asked why, he gave was a flippant and almost dismissive answer: “I just don’t want to run the company anymore.”

So you have to wonder…

What DO they know?! Is there something bigger coming? Or did they know what the devastation was going to hit the world economy and just didn’t want their names attached to the companies when everything went into the toilet?

Do you know what some of the NEW conspiracy theories are out there?

That this is the beginning of the New World Order’s takeover of the global economy and society as a whole…

To get the world in line, they had to KILL the American spirit that Trump has re-ignited in our country.

In order to TRULY take control, they’d have to eliminate about 90% of the world’s population in order to ensure a more pliable and controllable populace.

And the fact that these CEOs stepped down is evidence of them knowing what’s coming due to their connections to the global elite.

Sound crazy?

Well, maybe it is…

But what’s NOT crazy is the fact that it’s EASY to see that these powerful people had some kind of insight about the chaos the Wuhan virus was going to bring.

Notice how they didn’t say anything to the rest of the world?

They just stepped down like it was planned all along…

And that’s just wrong no matter how you slice it. If these people KNEW this was coming and chose to stay quiet about it in order to ensure their survival and place among the ruling elite, then they’re just as responsible for the spread of the virus here as the Chinese are.

If this is true…

This may be the most frightening development yet.

Is this the beginning of the end for America?

Can Trump stop it if this is what they’re planning?

Is there anything we can do if this is their goal?!

These are the questions we need answered…

Welcome to the 21st Century, folks. Good luck to us all.


“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” ― Frederick Douglass