The United States has been in an ongoing conflict with the Islamic regime in Iran since the Mullahs came to power in 1979. A few months ago, President Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Qasm Solemani, the top Iranian terror leader in Iraq, and the conflict seemed to be coming to a head once again.

Iran has threatened to destroy the United States and Israel using whatever means necessary, including through the use of a nuclear weapon. The obvious answer to ending the conflict is to overthrow the Iranian regime. However, doing so would cause a war would break out and thousands of American servicemen would lose their lives. That is why the Iranian regime is still in place.

But now it looks like a war might not be needed after all. Why? Because of the coronavirus.

For the last few months, the coronavirus has been spreading throughout the Iranian government, causing the deaths of several prominent Iranian officials, including the former chief of staff to the Ayatollah.

The coronavirus isn’t all bad after all. In fact, it’s helping to bolster American national security.

The Jerusalem Post reported, “How many officials have been sick and died? We know about the deputy health minister, who was one of the first widely known cases. His name is Iraj Haririchi, and he was infamously seen on video on February downplaying the virus while sweating and coughing.

We also know that Massoumeh Ebtekar, vice president for women and family affairs, was sick. According to the BBC, Pir Hossein Kolivand, a top official of the emergency medical services, is sick, as is Esmail Najjar of the Interior Ministry’s “crisis management” department…

In parliament, at least 24 members have the virus, including two who died: Fatemeh Rahbar, from Tehran; and Mohammad Ali Ramezani, from Gilan. A local mayor of district 13 in Tehran, Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh, was also diagnosed with it.”

That’s one way to deal with an authoritarian regime, I guess. Iran has been one of the nations hardest hit by the coronavirus. Every day, the death toll and the total of those infected continues to rise.

The coronavirus’ attack on the regime is a form of karma given the Islamic regime’s slaughtering of its own people.

The State Department is estimating that 1,000 protesters have been killed and many more were wounded during uprisings last year.

A particularly horrifying event took place on November 16th in which protestors were surrounded and massacred in cold blood.

Brian Hook, the Special envoy to Iran told reporters the following:

“On November 16th, protests were spreading throughout the country. In Mahshahr, a city in southwest Iran, a number of Iranian demonstrators blocked a road,’ Hook said. ‘Without warning, the IRGC opened fire on the protesters, killing several people.  Many of the protesters fled to nearby marshlands to escape.’

‘The IRGC tracked them down and surrounded them with machine guns mounted on trucks. They then sprayed the protesters with bullets,’ Hook continued. ‘Between the rounds of machine-gun fire, the screams of the victims can be heard. In this one incident alone, the regime murdered as many as a hundred Iranians and possibly more. When it was over, the regime loaded the bodies into trucks. We do not yet know where these bodies went, but we are learning more and more about how the Iranian regime treats its own people.”

The coronavirus is doing us all a favor by taking out these cockroaches in Tehran.

Looks like Trump didn’t need that drone strike after all.