There’s a HUGE fundamental difference between Conservatives and Liberals when it comes to the issue of climate change.

But before we get into that difference, there’s a tough pill that a LOT of conservatives need to swallow…

And that’s the FACT that climate change is real.

Now, by “real,” I mean that our climate is absolutely being affected by manmade pollution. You’d have to be an IDIOT to not understand that with all the trash and waste we leave behind on a daily basis.

It’s real…

However, what ISN’T settled upon to what extent manmade waste is affecting the climate. Our impact could be miniscule, or it could be more substantial – but to think that man isn’t impacting the environment in some way is delusional and dangerous.

Whew! Now that the hard part is out of the way, let’s discuss the REAL difference between Conservatives and Liberals when it comes to the matter of climate change.

The Fundamental Difference Between The Right And Left

Liberals’ answer to climate change is always to start taking things away. AOC’s Green New Deal famously wanted to all but ban air travel and outlaw hamburgers in order to lower carbon emissions from Americans.

Their answer is to start taking things away and FORCING people to make changes to their homes and buildings that they simply can’t afford.

Oh, and all of this needs to be owned and dictated by the federal government.

Meaning they want to own the means of saving humanity from itself.

But Conservatives have a different take on the matter…

Conservatives believe that we need to add things, that the free market will discover the solution to the problems when they’re needed.

We can ADD things to the world that will help fix it. We don’t need to start depriving people of the things they’ve become accustomed to.

We can let the free market discover the solution…

And own it.

That’s where the line in the sand is drawn.

The youth of America understand that climate change is something that needs to be addressed – and that also goes for young Conservatives who have taken a proactive approach to finding a solution.

The American Conservation Coalition is a new student-run organization that is “dedicated to educating and empowering conservatives to re-engage on environmental conversations.”

They’ve recently released a rebuttal to the abysmal Green New Deal that AOC and other whacky Dems proposed.

Young Conservatives To The Rescue

The group presented the American Climate Contract, a detailed statement that outlines the Conservative response and includes a range of market-friendly policy solutions to help combat rising global temperatures…

And a bunch of GOP lawmakers have already jumped on board.

A statement by Benji Backer, the ACC’s 22-years-young founder and president, said, “It should not be ‘Green New Deal or bust,’ and it should not be ‘solve climate change in 2020 or bust,’ because we keep doing that every year and it’s always bust. If it’s bust every year, then what progress are we making? Trying to rope in an entire platform of literally dozens of other issues completely derails the effort, and it signals to the rest of society that it’s not actually about the environment to these people, which it often isn’t.”

He’s right…

To the Left, it’s not about the environment – it’s about power.

So, it’s time to quit denying that there’s a problem…

We need to find a way to offer Conservative-minded solutions to all the issues the Left holds so near and dear to their hearts.

Imagine if we come up with better, cheaper, and more PROFITABLE solutions to the issues the Left feels like they have the market cornered on?

It would be the perfect “in your face” moment…

And it’s AWESOME to see that there are young Conservatives leading the charge.

This is a step in the RIGHT direction…

And we should embrace it.


“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.” – Colin Powell