It’s safe to say that Leftists and Liberals truly have no idea what conservatism actually is.

They don’t see it as a political ideology that values liberty, merit, and individualism. They just see it as another form of oppression to their socialistic ideas, equality of outcome, and proletariat ideology.

In fact…

They’re even going so far as to label conservatism as racism, regardless of the fact that people of all colors, races, and ethnicities ascribe to conservative values.

This shouldn’t surprise us…

The youth of today and the young adults that are now making their way into the workforce have all been indoctrinated into believing this to be the truth.

In their minds, the stereotypical GOP member is a fat, balding, wealthy white man smoking a cigar and getting rich while stealing money from minorities and exploiting women.

The stereotypical DNC member looks like Beto O’Rourke riding a skateboard and promising racial equality.

But the truth is far different from the images that the Left wants the world to believe.

GWU Pushes A FALSE Narrative

GOP members are JUST as diverse as the DNC (maybe even more so, though the Left would never admit it).

But that’s not the narrative put forward.

In fact, they’re trying to reinforce the stereotype of racist Republicans…especially at George Washington University.

What’s happening at this once-prestigious institute of higher learning?

College administrators are urging the students to read a piece of literature called Conservatism and Racism, and Why in America They Are the Same.


Because they believe that will help educate these snowflakes about the dangers of stereotypes and discrimination from the Right.

Even though, by doing this, they’re stereotyping and discriminating against the Right.

The hypocrisy is real.

Here’s an excerpt from the book—and no, this isn’t a joke. This is the drivel that GWU admin wants their student body to believe: “Conservatism as a philosophy and ideology … is and always has been hostile to the aspirations of Africans in America, incompatible with the struggle for freedom and equality. Repeatedly I was asked, ‘Are you saying that conservatism is racism, that all conservatives are racist?’ Aren’t there black conservatives? Are they racist?’…. My answer to most of these questions was a qualified yes.”

Can you believe it?

But not EVERYBODY on campus agrees with this sentiment…

Nor are they all thrilled with the reading list endorsed by university administrators.

Standing Up For What’s RIGHT

Political science professor Samuel Goldman said that books like Conservatism and Racism aim to reinforce an ideology, not educate students.

In his admonishment of the book and its narrow view on racism and conservatism, Goldman said, “Recommending this book as the sole resource on the topic gives the impression that GWU is promoting a specific orthodoxy rather than inviting students to study and reflect.”

He’s right…

And it does exactly what they said they’re trying not to do. It forces a stereotypical view onto an impressionable mind in order to build up resentment towards a political ideology…

And resentment turns into hate, discrimination, and violence.

We’ve seen COUNTLESS Conservative students assaulted on campuses across the country. Did they think this book would help stem that violence?

Or does it ensure that MORE of this type of will violence occur?

The indoctrination of the youth continues…

It’s time for the US government to stop giving these socialistic recruiting stations any more subsidies.

If this is what they’re doing with our tax money, it’s time to turn off the tap.

And if you don’t think George Washington is rolling around in his grave over this, you’re out of your mind.

This dishonors his service and sacrifice for the country…

But knowing Leftists, that was probably the point.


“Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination.” – Thomas Sowell