Slavery is America’s greatest sin. Of that, there is no doubt.

However, there is not one single former slave who still lives…but, of course, Democrats want to compensate descendants of slaves using current taxpayer money acquired from people who never enslaved one single human being.

Congress is considering a bill aimed at providing direct payments to descendants of former slaves and they held a hearing yesterday to discuss the matter.

President Joe Biden has previously expressed support for a reparations commission.

USA Today reported, “A House committee debated a bill Wednesday that would direct more than a dozen experts to examine how the U.S. government supported slavery from 1619 to 1865 and created laws that discriminated against formerly enslaved people and their descendants.

The commission could recommend remedies, including compensation and education of the American public on the legacy of slavery.”

It is historically true that whites had it much better in America for generations; however, they don’t hold this advantage anymore. African Americans have all the same opportunities that white Americans do. If an African American wants to be successful, they can be. There is absolutely NOTHING getting in their way, and that’s a sign of national progress.

The liberals’ claim that there is institutional racism is false. They are the ones who advocate for policies that favor minorities over whites. The most notable policy is “affirmative action,” which favors African Americans over white Americans in admittance to colleges.

Also, not all African Americans descended from slaves. Groups of families immigrated after the end of slavery, and those living in the North were never enslaved. Some came from different parts of the world, and that’s not to mention all those families that migrated here in the 20th and 21st Centuries. How is the government going to determine who gets paid and who doesn’t?

Maybe they will require everyone to get an account with, or spit in a cup and have their genetic history studied to determine if they qualify.

This whole idea is absurd.

Last year, musician Pharrell Williams was interviewed on CNBC. During the interview, he advocated for making Juneteenth—the day commemorating the official ending of slavery in the US—a national holiday. I personally support that initiative and believe that is a worthy goal. Williams also said he didn’t want to detract from July Fourth, but that he simply wanted to acknowledge that the same rights didn’t pertain to blacks at the time of the Founding, which sadly, is true.

Up to that point, I was in agreement…

But then the interview fell off the tracks when Williams advocated for extensive slavery reparations. That is a bad idea built on an erroneous assumption that the legacy of slavery is stifling the ability of blacks to advance in American society today. There are other factors such as single-parent households, poor education, and youth unemployment that are the drivers of higher rates of poverty in the African American community.

However, that doesn’t justify making payments to people who have never been enslaved themselves.

Even though the ancestors of people living today were once enslaved, slavery ended 150 years ago in a war in which over 600,000 Americans—mostly white men—died to end the institution.

How expensive would reparations be?

Really expensive, as USA Today notes: “The cost of compensating Americans who descended from slaves for the legacy of bondage and subsequent racial oppression could be as much as $13 trillion, according to an estimate by historian Kirsten Mullen and economist William Darity of Duke University.

Mullen and Darity calculated that, out of an approximate 45 million Black Americans, about 40 million would be eligible recipients of these funds if eligibility is based on whether their ancestors were enslaved in America.

That would result in payments between $300,000 to $350,000 per person.

Other estimates have placed the cost even higher. A study published in June estimated the total cost of slavery and discrimination to African American descendants could be nearly $19 trillion in 2018 dollars.”

We can’t undo the wrongs of the past. We can only live better lives ourselves and learn from those past evils.

We have done that in America. The heroes of the Civil Rights movement have done that for us and their legacy has endured. There is not one single Jim Crow law left on the books, and that is a great thing.

I have a challenge for those in Congress calling for reparations: If you introduce me to a single living African American former slave, I will personally cut them a reparations check. If you can’t do that…then maybe there’s something wrong here.

Case closed.