There’s something I’ve come to understand about Liberals and Leftists when it comes to debating…

They can’t compete with common sense.

It’s their Kryptonite.

It’s amazing that people on the Left love to claim intellectual superiority over “redneck Republicans” who can “barely read”.

However, when you try to have a conversation with one, they refuse to talk to you unless it’s over a keyboard.

They can’t stand on their own ideals…

Leftists have to use the ideas of other people to debate – which they truly can’t do unless they have their smartphone in their hand and are allowed the time to search for the answers they need to try to refute any claim or argument.

They don’t have what it takes to truly have a common-sense conversation…

It’s truly amazing.

Lib Rule #1: Attack The Person, Don’t Defend Your Position

Have you tried talking to one of these people?

Here’s a real scenario I just encountered…

A friend wrote a Facebook post about the recent shootings, and one of her friends responded to it, saying “Banning a.r. weapons again would be a great start and the bill for the law is sitting on the desk of the House. House won’t pass it let alone read it.”

I asked her a simple question, “… honest question. Do you even know what ‘AR’ stands for?”

Her response, I kid you not: “oh boi another white male gonna try to demean me or try to make me feel stupid.”



Let’s get this straight, she labels me white and a male while accusing me of “mansplaining”.

Ok, lady…

My response back was simple.

“Way to try to disqualify my question with labels. You don’t know me – you don’t know if I’m white or not. For that matter – you don’t even know if I identify as male. By your response, it’s clear you don’t know what it means. Thanks for clarifying…  it stands for “ArmaLite Rifle,” by the way – which is simply the name brand.”

Politeness is ALWAYS the way to go.

Not because it’s the right thing to do and shows that you’re not emotionally manipulated that easily…

But because being nice REALLY gets under their skin – and always makes them look crazy when they start cursing you out and using negative labels for no good reason.

I found this to be true with everything…

During another online debate, I was defending the right to own guns by American citizens.

Lib Rule #2: When All Else Fails, Curse Them Out!

They kept referring to a “gun problem” or a “mental health” problem – but I disagreed with them and told them I believed what the solution was.

My debate partner asked me, “Just curious, Sean, what’s the REAL problem?”

My response,

Well, honestly… I don’t think mental health is the biggest factor nor are guns or drugs.

The recent rash of shooting is a SOCIETAL problem, IMO.

AK’s and ARs have been around since the mid-20th Century and do you know what has changed MOST in those 50-60 years? I’ll tell you…

The destruction of the nuclear family.

Of the 15 most recent mass shooters – did you know that all but ONE came from a home without a father or father figure? It may be nothing but a coincidence… but it may also be EVERYTHING.

I would also say the shift away from the Judeo-Christian ideologies our country was founded on doesn’t help.

‘God. Family. Country.’ That was our mantra at one point – but we are living in a time when God is dead, families are fractured, and people don’t believe in the concept of “countries”.

But at its core – I believe it’s family. We need to focus on putting the family unit back together… it could very well be the answer we’ve been looking for.”

As you can see – I was polite and cordial and spoke with clarity and respect…

Do you know what I got back in response?

“F*** your Christianity, f*** guns, and f*** you.”

I think I won that debate…

But can’t really tell.

So, now, if I’m going to debate a leftist – I’m going to do so in person and tell them that we need to leave technology out of it and just talk with whatever intelligence, wisdom, and common sense we brought to the table.

What’s the over/under on the amount of time it takes me to be labeled a racist, bigot, sexist, or Islamophobia?

Whatever you choose – I’ll pick the under.


“Common sense is not so common.” ― Voltaire