Man…just when you thought you’ve seen it ALL, the Liberals find new ways to destroy our country.

Now, you don’t have to change laws or institute new policies to destroy our society as we know it.

You simply need to destroy the spirit of the people. Make them feel defeated, and you’ve done more damage than you can imagine. In fact, doing that could ruin a family for generations, as that kind of pain can be felt beyond just the individual that is wronged today.

It’s scary…

But our country is full of stories of generations of broken people, all due to the breaking of one of their predecessors’ spirit. For a family, sometimes that damage is irreparable.

And now that the Left has weaponized this damage for its own gain, California is trying to break the spirit of some of its citizens.

Commie-fornia Trampling Rights

Of course, it’s not the spirit of true criminals – people who kill, rob, or enter our country illegally…

Instead, that campaign is being carried out against legitimate business owners who simply need to a way to make a living in a state that has violated their American civil rights by extending a lockdown by more than a year.

It’s brutal.

In California right now, you can’t run your business, you can’t work, you’re running out of money (if your accounts have not already run dry), and your elected officials won’t let you get back to work even as more and more Americans get vaccinated.

How can they justify that kind of action?

Well, one family couldn’t take it anymore and decided to get back to the business of getting back to business. However, the city of Burbank doesn’t want them to do that, and have arrested the business owners for simply trying to make a living.

They’ve tried putting up obstacles to stop this from happening as well.

Last week, one of the restaurant’s owners was arrested for a THIRD time after he removed sandbags that the city put in in front of the entrance in order to prevent them from opening their doors.

And since the sandbags didn’t work, the city took another step and actually BOARDED up the business and padlocked the doors.

This has all led to the restaurant amassing over $50,000 in fines for simply trying to serve the public and collect a wage—and then to top it all off, they were arrested.

Arrested. For trying to make a living! What has this country come to?

You’d think that was bad enough, but things just got worse…

The city has gone the extra mile and installed a chain-link fence around the restaurant in order to prevent it from reopening after the owners’ repeated defiance of the cities unconstitutional closure mandates.

So, now…

The Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill is locked down for good.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants are entering the state and the Democrats are trying to find a way to give these people MORE rights that the actual citizens who live here and serve the public.

The entire scenario is as baffling as it is ridiculous.

Here’s the worst part…

Because of their ongoing battle with the city, Tinhorn Flats is being treated differently from the other business in the area.

While other restaurants were allowed to reopen for outdoor dining in January, Tinhorn Flats was ordered to remain closed – so, the owners reopened like the other businesses following the guidelines, but were hit with another blow.

The city of Burbank hit the restaurant with a notice of violation and then canceled the restaurant’s health permit, making it illegal for the business to sell food.

This is how you break a population.

You punish good, hard-working Americans for simply trying to provide for their families, which any good man or woman would do.

The worst part is that it’s not surprising.

The Left wants to keep power, and the COVID lockdowns have given them the ultimate power, allowing them to dictate the actual comings and goings of their citizens during everyday life.

If you think they’re going to give up that power easily, you’ve got another thing coming…

This is the tyranny our Founding Fathers warned us about.

No wonder people are leaving California in droves…


“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” – Winston Churchill