Not only are Big Tech companies on a quest to cancel conservatives, but now telecommunications companies are jumping in on the action. Comcast Xfinity is blocking Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer from sending campaign text messages to donors. Make no mistake, this is war.

In case you don’t know who Laura Loomer is, she is one of the most frequently-banned and highly-censored political activists on the internet because of her conservative—or what some consider “far-Right”—political views.

Loomer is known for her outspoken non-PC statements and stunts, such as, when she famously hopped the fence at Nancy Pelosi’s home to make a point about the Democrats’ open border policies. She also chained herself to the Twitter headquarters in protest of the platform’s censorship against conservatives.

On Tuesday, Loomer, the Republican Congressional frontrunner in Florida’s 21st District, announced on her Parler account that Comcast Xfinity blocked her from sending communications via their service provider. Just days before her primary election, Comcast allegedly blocked a text message Loomer was planning to send to donors about new big-name endorsements, flagging it as “dangerous content.”

She had intended to share breaking news that Trump confidant Roger Stone and Congressman Matt Gaetz gave her glowing endorsements on Sunday during a GOP event in South Florida, when the message was rejected by Comcast.

Loomer responded to Comcast’s move, “There is no reason I should be shut down. This is the primary way we get messages out, via text messages and email … they are now shutting down every way of communicating,” she said.

You can’t even send a text or email now if you do not conform to Leftist groupthink? Since Loomer is already banned from most social media networks and money transfer platforms, emails and text messages are the only ways she has to communicate with donors and voters.

Comcast released a statement on reports of the ban where they called it a “technical glitch” that had nothing to do with the content of her message. We’ve heard that before. These far-Left companies never fess up to their unchecked, unconstitutional way of business where they simply ban or block political dissenters. When they do get caught, they insufficiently call it a “glitch” and carry on with their CCP-style tactics.

This makes sense considering Comcast’s ties (and essentially allegiance) to China, as President Trump has criticized. The ban likely has everything to do with Loomer’s undying support for President Trump who is “Con-cast’s” (as he likes to call them) biggest critic. The president ardently opposes the political bias that the service provider, which owns MSNBC, CNBC, NBC News displays in their programming.

In a June tweet, the President wrote, “Concast is known for its terrible service. On top of that, they provide FAKE NEWS on MSDNC & @NBCNews. Drop them and go to a good provider!”

Loomer’s ban right before her primary election date likely had everything to do with her support of the President and the vast success her campaign is seeing. Not only did she receive endorsements from Roger Stone and Matt Gaetz, but she also hit the $1 million mark in fundraising last week.

Loomer may as well have won the election already and Comcast knows it. However, this might be the worst form of censorship we have ever witnessed – at least in America. Not even Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube suppression is nearly as bad as preventing someone from using basic communications services. This is unbelievably anti-American, to say the least, and it is up to us to continue fighting against the Left’s relentless attempts to silence conservatives.