Have you ever thought that progressives have gone so far that they are becoming regressive?

If you have, you were right.

Columbia University, an Ivy League university located in New York, has gone so woke they are reverting to segregation by race in their graduation ceremonies.

It’s crazy to think that the Left claims to promote better race relations, yet is offering separate graduation ceremonies for their students based on race, income level, sexual orientation, and generation of college student.

In addition to the main graduation ceremony, students will also be able to participate in a variety of “Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies” for Native Americans, Asians, Blacks, “Latinx,” FLI (first generation and/or low income), and the LGBTQ+ community.

Columbia, which is regarded as one of the best universities in the country, is promoting division among their graduates in every way possible.

So much for “unity.”

After Fox News broke the story, Columbia received backlash online for what people are calling “racist” graduation ceremonies.

The university’s official Twitter account responded to the accusations stating they are a misrepresentation of the graduation ceremonies.

“Reports today and previous tweets misrepresent our multicultural graduation celebrations, which exist in addition to, not instead of, University-wide commencement and individual school Class Days,” the school tweeted.

The school said these “important” events serve as “welcoming spaces for students aligned with these groups to come together to celebrate their achievements if they wish. They are organized in tandem with students and student groups.”

The idea for the celebrations originally “evolved from ceremonies originally created by students and alumni. They are open to every student. They are voluntary. And they have become a highly anticipated and valuable part of the Columbia graduation experience,” Columbia wrote.

Regardless of whether these are “voluntary,” these events are essentially optional segregation.

It’s unbelievable that the United States has come so far from the real discrimination of the 1960s that young students are willingly separating themselves by color, income, and sexual orientation, which seems contrary to the Left’s attempts to force inclusion on an already inclusive society.