The concerted effort to force people to take COVID vaccines hit a new low this week when it was announced that an incoming college freshman was denied a scholarship because she wouldn’t take the vaccine.

Olivia Sandor, an incoming college student, was denied admission to her college of choice, BYU Hawaii, because she refused to take the vaccine. Her resistance stems from the fact she has a disease that could have potentially produced harmful side effects from the vaccine.

But that doesn’t matter to the administrators at BYU Hawaii, who essentially told Sandor to take the vaccine or forgo her education.

Fox News reported, “Sandor shared her story on ‘Hannity’ Monday and explained how, after being given a vaccine back in 2019, she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome – which left her paralyzed from the waist down for more than a month.

After receiving word that BYU would be requiring all students to be vaccinated, Sandor’s team of medical providers advised her against being injected with the non-FDA-approved coronavirus vaccine and wrote her a letter of exemption.”

But even that documentation wasn’t sufficient for the school, and now the poor girl doesn’t know what she is going to do next. She was informed too late in the summer about the vaccine mandate and is left searching for her next step.

But on Sandor’s behalf, since they tell us to follow the science, then let’s follow the science.

According to the consistent observation during the pandemic, college-age people aren’t at serious risk of severe complications or death from the coronavirus.

Those in the 18-29 lagged far behind older age groups in both hospitalizations and deaths.

As of this month, there were 331 total deaths of those from 0-17 years, and 2,424 for those in the college-age range of 18-29, according to Statista.

To put this number in perspective, those over 85 accounted for 177, 322 deaths.

So, once again, let’s follow the science, people.

The case of Olivia Sandor is even more infuriating because she not only is in a safe age range, but she would be worse off getting a vaccine…far worse.

She already has been paralyzed for a month two years ago while taking another vaccine, and yet these cruel vaccine Nazis are depriving Sandor of the chance to attend her dream college.

They can’t pretend to care about the health and wellbeing of people like Sandor when they deny the harm the vaccine would do to her and others.

The “vaccine-or-bust” mentality has become a cultlike obsession. Americans should be allowed to make their own informed judgment on whether to take the vaccine. Not everybody reacts equally to the vaccine.

Vaccines, like masks, have become like another status symbol. It is like in high school being part of the cool kids’ clique, only instead of wearing designer jeans or the latest hot fashion accessory, a mask and vaccine social media frame will suffice.

If you don’t get the vaccine, you aren’t cool, and you can go sit with the other losers who didn’t take the vaccine at the loser table.

Someday this madness has to end. In America, we are supposed to have personal liberty, but it’s beginning to feel like those days feel over. It is bewildering to see how many Americans have just rolled over and obeyed the government crackdowns of their lives.

This, ultimately, will likely be one of the defining and lasting impacts of the pandemic.

And that’s not a good thing.

Hopefully, some other institution of higher learning will grant Olivia Sandor her hard-earned scholarship. She deserves it.