The Government Shutdown is over—or is it? The cocky Democrats have claimed victory—they think they have defeated President Trump in the shutdown stare-off, and he blinked first.

The arrogance was practically dripping off Chuck Schumer as he declared victory. Chucky said, “Today the President will sign the bill to reopen the government along the outlines of what we have proposed and hopefully it means a lesson learned for the White House and for many of our Republican colleagues: Shutting down the government over a policy difference is self-defeating.”


Hey, Chucky, the Republicans didn’t shut down the government themselves; last time I checked the Democrats control the House. It takes two- to- tango.

It was your party that failed to negotiate with the President to protect the border. It was your party that was playing politics by not voting to fund border security. You were more concerned with not angering your base who support ILLEGAL immigration.

You and your party are counting on all those illegals to form your voter base in future elections. It was your party that failed to perform the most important duty of Government: To protect the American people from enemies –FOREIGN and domestic.

Chucky and the Democrats want the American people to forget about American citizens who died at the hands of ILLEGAL immigrants.

The Democrats want you to forget about the deaths of Kate Steinle, and Molly Tibbetts; two young women who had many years of life ahead of them.

Steinle was killed by an illegal while walking with her father. The man that killed her was deported five- times and was protected by the San Francisco Democrat’s ‘sanctuary’ city policy.

Tibbetts was killed by an illegal while jogging in rural Iowa.

The Democrats are perfectly content with having 22 million illegal aliens’ in this country. They pay lip-service to stopping the nationwide crisis of drug overdoses while failing to take- action to prevent those drugs from being smuggled across the border.

Chucky’s partner- in- crime, Nancy Pelosi, is also prematurely declaring victory against President Trump. Pelosi has offered no substantive offer of her own; she has rejected any offer made by the President, including the compromise Trump offered the Democrats last week; when he offered protection for ‘dreamers’ in-exchange for funding the border wall.

The propaganda wing of the Democratic Party: the main- stream media, are already proclaiming Pelosi as their great champion.

Headlines such as: ‘‘She’s not one to bluff’: How Pelosi won the shutdown battle’; “How Nancy Pelosi broke Trump”, and “Nancy Pelosi just defeated Trump at his own game.”

So according to the Democrats and their propaganda machine—it’s over, they won.

Not so fast…

President Trump only agreed to end the shutdown for three-weeks.

He wants to provide financial relief to the 800,000 government employees who have not been paid in over a month. That does not mean he has thrown up the white-flag of surrender.

He is merely trying to help those government employees caught in the cross-fire.

Trump tweeted, “This was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it’s off to the races!”

This hardly sounds like a concession.

President Trump is a New York street brawler. He has never been one to back down from a challenger. The more the Democrats taunt him, the more likely he will be to dig-in for a long fight.

He promised the American people that he would build a wall to protect our borders, and he is not one to break his promises.

He has cut taxes, cut regulations, renegotiated NAFTA, tore-up the fraudulent Obama-Iran nuclear deal, and demanded that our NATO allies pay-up and no longer free-load off us. (Those are just a few of the many promises he has kept.)

What makes the Democrats think that he won’t keep this promise?

Answer: Arrogance.

The arrogance of the Democrats has come back to bite them often.

In 2008, Obama and his party felt invisible. They controlled both chambers of Congress and the Presidency. Obama bragged about defeating John Mccain –to his face, and said that “elections have consequences”; when pushing for his pork-laden ‘stimulus’ bill. (The one that Pelosi said we had to pass to see what was in it).

Two years later the Republicans won the house by historic margins
And who could forget ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters ‘deplorables’, and fantasizing about a blow-out victory over Trump.

How did that go for her?…

If history is any indication, President Trump has the Democrats right where he wants them. They feel they have won, and that they can cruise to a victory in 2020.

Their defenses are down. It’s time for the President to strike and finally ‘build the wall.’