This is one of those stories that’s so ridiculous that you’d almost be forgiven for believing it’s fake…

But I assure you, it’s 100% real.

In the age of wokeness, some brands of racism are totally fine – but even the PERCEPTION of the wrong kind of racism is worthy of being cancelled by the Leftist mob.

Of course, this kind of hypocrisy is usually reserved for Hollywood.

The entertainment industry cancels people like Roseanne Barr for a tweet that people thought was racist and Gina Carano for sharing some history on political hate.

Meanwhile, they praise anyone that spoke out against Trump or other figured connected to the Right – and in some cases advocated for violence against them.

However, the latest case of blatant racism that’s being excused doesn’t come from Hollywood. It comes from one of the world’s biggest and most recognized brands: Coca Cola.

Now, you may not think that a soft drink company would feel the need to get into the political game…but this is 2021, one of the most woke political eras our country (or the world) has ever seen.

So, of course, it’s time for Coke to draw their line in the sand.

Unfortunately, that line is racism – and Coke has no problem making sure they’re on the WRONG side of it.

What did the “King of Soft Drinks” do?

Well, in an effort to be more woke and more socially active, the latest round of employee training is focused on ensuring that a good portion of their workers are forced to be ashamed of the color of their skin.

Coke Wants People To Be “Less White”


In the 21st Century, close to 60 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that little children would be judged not on the color of their skin, but the content of their character, a major company is now singling out one race and telling them to be ashamed of who they are.

Of course, this new policy is being excused because it’s only White people being told to change their behavior, so not many people are batting an eye.

However, any sane person can see that this is out-and-out RACISM…and for ANY kind of racism to be excused in this day and age is reprehensible. If things were fair, the entire world would be calling for a boycott of Coke’s products.

But they’re not.

Coca-Cola is asking its Caucasian employees to be “less white,” and it’s absolutely bonkers that more people aren’t up in arms about this.

Now, if you’re wondering what it means to be “less white,” well, Coke has a bunch of ideas of what that means.

But before we get into those reasons, did you know that, apparently, by age three of four, children know that it’s “better” to be white?

Seriously, white people are socialized to feel “superior” to other races simply based on their own whiteness…

Well, according to Coke, that is.

How To Be Less White – According To Coke

However, there are aspects of whiteness that some people attribute to skin color only—which is all news to me, because I’ve been white my WHOLE life and had no idea that this was how things worked.

However, regardless of how I feel about the color of my skin, Coca-Cola tells me that should try to change my behavior to act like less of a white person.

How can I be “less white”? Well, according to Coke’s new training, I should “be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble, listen, believe, break with apathy, break with white solidarity.”

No, I’m not making this up…

This is racism.

Not only is racism – it’s BLATANT racism – and I can prove it.

Now, regardless of what you define to be “white” or any other race, YOUR definition doesn’t matter.

What matters is the abject disregard for another individual’s history and experience.

So, even with Coke’s definitions of what it means to be “less white,” it’s STILL racist – and here’s the proof:

Replace the word “white” with ANY other race and imagine what the world would have done.

If the slide said “Try being less black,” what do you think would have happened?

If the slide said “Try being less Latino,” what do you think the response would have been?

Racism is RACISM…

And it should be called out WHEREVER it raises its head.

If the world was TRULY devoted to ending racism, people everywhere would take Coke to task over this obvious blunder…

But you can bet dollars to donuts they probably won’t.

Regardless, congratulations to Pepsi for finally winning the Cola War…

They’re now the choice of a less RACIST generation.


“Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and to destroy. It is the enemy of freedom, and deserves to be met head-on and stamped out.” – Pierre Berton