You’ve got to love wokeness in America…

And by “love,” I mean hate with the intensity of 1,000 burning suns.

The fact that this is mentality is taking over our country is enough to make sane and logical people want to punch a baby.

(Yeah, I said “punch a baby”…Get over it.)

However, while I would NEVER punch a baby (unless they swing first), I do want to convey just how angry and frustrating the woke movement makes me—and I believe that “punching a baby” is the highest one can go before you reach the pinnacle of kicking a puppy.

Wokeness is nothing more than political correctness on gamma-infused steroids, and we should have nipped it in the bud when it first started gaining momentum during the 1990s. But back then, we didn’t see the harm in making things a little more “polite.” We couldn’t see where it would lead or how destructive it could become to our country.

But we know now, don’t we?

Wokeness is dividing our country more than politicians are…and the worst offenders are the mainstream media companies that push this ideology like they’re getting paid for it (which might actually be the case).

Now, while I fully believe that MSNBC is the worst offender, they wouldn’t have the gall to do it had it not been for the creator of fake news: CNN.

CNN is a deep stain on the fabric of our country because, as representatives of the Fourth Estate, they’ve failed at their job of holding ALL politicians accountable and therefore have put our entire system of democracy in danger.

A Story DEVOID Of Logic

Their stories are nothing more than woke garbage—and while they may be SLIGHTLY better than MSNBC, they’re still horrendous…

But they just got called out for it in the best possible way.

In a recent piece, CNN International released a story about how some American families are having trouble getting enough money to eat during the pandemic.

The quote they used by one of the people they interviewed says, “Sometimes we eat, sometimes we don’t.”

This is sad, truly, because the Left’s policies of locking down the country and KEEPING it locked down has destroyed more lives than it’s saved, and I’m sure there are a LOT of families out there that can relate to this story.

Hopefully, when this is all over, we’ll see people who have been responsible for this wanton destruction—people like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and Andrew Cuomo—brought to justice.

Until then, CNN will regale us with stories of struggle and hardship either blatantly or subtly pointing a finger towards Donald Trump.

Well, this time, there was a disconnect between their message and the imagery they used to promote it, because combining the two is simply illogical.

Here’s the image they shared:

Now, at the risk of sounding insensitive, the fact remains that we can’t sit here and let this image/message go by without comment.

The woman in the photo is overweight (and I would even venture to guess morbidly obese), and pairing it with a story about families not having enough money to buy food during the pandemic was either a gross oversight or simply wokeness trying going too far.

They’re trying to show us that, just because somebody is overweight or fat, it doesn’t mean they can’t suffer from starvation…

But it’s hard to put that together with the image they shared – because it’s obvious that, whoever this woman is, she didn’t suffer too much.

And this is the kind of thing that drives logical people and Conservatives crazy…

The Left wants us to disregard what we can see with our own eyes and simply believe their narrative.

They want us to just go along with their ideas…

And we’re simply not having it.

The best response to this photo was found on Reddit, and I’m going to share it in its entirety (though I will edit some of the foul language) because I think this encapsulates what MOST of us are thinking.

From an anonymous poster:

“Look at this emotional trash.

I can’t wait for the liberals to come in whining about how this person probably only has access to ‘unhealthy’ food because of ‘racisms against brown bodies’.

These people [the ones in the photo] only know how to eat s**t that comes from a package. Straight up. That’s why they’re obese as f**k and if you gave them more money, they’d just eat more prepackaged s**t and drink more sugar drink.

We all recognize how ridiculous it is for someone who is so fat they can’t wipe their a** properly to be featured in a story like this yet, for some reason, we’re expected to suspend common sense and play along with the giant f**king pity party.

This is not a serious country. It’s full of people who’ve been habituated into breaking out in hysterics over the moral outrage of the week.

The media is pushing bulls**t. We know it’s bulls**t. They know it’s bulls**t. They know we know it’s bulls**t and we know they know we know it’s bulls**t.

Yet, for some reason, it goes on…”

Somewhere, Gavin McInnes is slow clapping.


“Drama starts where logic ends.” – Ram Charan