Turns out the liberal media needed Donald Trump more than they ever knew. He completes them, and without him…they just fall to pieces.

They needed someone to hate, and for the last five years, Trump has been their guy. He triggers them and they can’t take it…but they also desperately need it.

Despite their mutual hatred, Trump was good for their business. He drove CNN’s ratings up drastically when he was president, but now that he is no longer in office, their ratings have dropped like a rock.

Fox News reported that “CNN’s total day viewership is down nearly 70% since January….

The most-watched program on struggling CNN was the scandal-plagued ‘Cuomo Prime Time,’ which averaged one million viewers to finish No. 22 overall among cable news. CNN’s most popular show finished behind 14 different Fox News offerings and seven MSNBC programs.”


I bet CNN misses Trump now.

These abysmal ratings are so bad, CNN might have to consider actively campaigning for Trump to run in 2024 so he can save their floundering business.

That is why CNN is trying to keep Trump in the news cycle…that and they are also just obsessed with the man.

They despise Donald Trump and his supporters.

CNN, along with fellow Liberal media network MSNBC, continues to ridicule Trump and anyone who voted for him. Don Lemon and Joe Scarborough can’t go five minutes without putting down Trump and MAGA nation.

Trump made politics fun to cover, but Sleepy Joe is boring. His people roll him out to sign unconstitutional executive orders and then he goes back to his room to watch The Price is Right.

So, I guess I can’t completely blame the media for missing Trump. I do too.

A news cycle would turn on a dime with one tweet or statement from Trump. Joe Biden is a mumbling old man who is barely coherent and stares at a teleprompter like a man who is undergoing a vision test.

They call a lid on his day in the middle of the afternoon and we don’t hear from him again until the next morning.

Media Research has shown that over 90 percent of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC news programing is negative towards President Trump.

This is proper justice being served to the media for their years of peddling lies and conspiracy theories about President Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia.

They accused him of being a puppet of Vladimir Putin and some even accused him of outright treason.

The media continues to reaffirm the distrust the American people have for them.

They are so blinded by their hatred for President Trump that they are too distracted to notice that their ratings are falling.

CNN and MSNBC have been the hardest hit. Americans are turning away from them in droves because they don’t take the networks seriously.

They are paying the price for their personal bias.

They deserve it!

Trump filled the news void on a daily basis. He gave the lamestream media ample material and they clearly miss the free content he provided.

Fortunately for the Democrats and their media allies, Trump isn’t going away anytime soon…and who knows, maybe they’ll get that 2024 ratings spike after all.