Why can’t the Bidens ever answer questions?

Seriously, there’s been a lot of avoidance coming out of the Biden household lately. Anytime either Creepy Joe or Complicit Jill are asked a question, they deflect it faster than Wonder Woman deflects bullets with her wrist bands.

Just recently, Joe was asked whether he’d entertain the thought of packing the Supreme Court with justices to get a Liberal majority, and he answered by NOT answering, saying that he didn’t want to answer that question and have it be the headline.

Has he been out of politics so long that he doesn’t realize that, by NOT answering the question, he’s making the headline regardless?


Both sides are speculating. The Left, wondering if he’s going to give them the power they need, and the Right, wondering if he’s going to use this act of tyranny to set the tone of his presidency.

Biden also refuses to answer any questions about his son Hunter and the suspicious ties he made with Ukraine while Joe was the Vice President and liaison to the region…

Nor will he address ANYTHING that Hunter did in China.

The Lyin’ Bidens: A Family Affair

Biden’s rote answer is always “I trust my son,” “there’s no evidence of wrongdoing,” or “I don’t know, my son and I don’t discuss business.” Clearly, he doesn’t understand the word “optics,” but it doesn’t matter whether he was involved in Hunter’s business plans or not.

It’s about how it looks to the American people – and the way it looks now is that Hunter got rich because of his father’s connections.

But he doesn’t give us a straight answer, so we can only go by what we see.

It seems those straight answers are in short supply in the Biden household at large too, because NOBODY can give us a straight answer about what’s going on with Hunter or with Joe…

And now, it looks like Jill has caught that same avoidance bug.

Jill Biden is starting to take a more active roll in the campaign process—and that makes sense, as Creepy Joe has had to pull out of so many events due to “fears of COVID-19” (or as we like to put it, the fear of Joe saying something stupid).

See, that’s their biggest problem going into the debates. Joe tends to say things that are incredibly dumb, bringing his obvious mental decline to the forefront of the conversation.

So, Jill is stepping in on Hidin’ Biden’s behalf, sitting down with CNN to talk things over on Sunday.

During that interview with Jake Tapper, the former Second Lady decided that AVOIDING an answer was much better than discussing the truth. She dismissed the idea that her husband is a verified gaffe machine and shouldn’t be criticized for these brain farts because…

Donald Trump.

When In Doubt, Blame Donald Trump

That wasn’t a typo. She basically avoided answering a very serious question, and all she did was refer to the president in a non-answer.

Tapper started to ask a question, “Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe…”

But before Tapper could finish, Jill held up her hands and said, “You can’t even go there. After Donald Trump, you cannot even say the word ‘gaffe’.”

Tapper then asked, “I can’t even say the word ‘gaffe?’”

And Jill replied, “Nope, done. It’s gone.”

Tapper: “The gaffe issue is over?”

Jill put a lid on the issue saying, “Over… SO over.”

As mentioned earlier, Jill’s answer to what might have been a legitimate question was essentially just “Donald Trump bad.”


Watch it here:

Honestly, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

They have NOTHING other than “Trump is BAD!” – and that’s a scary thought, seeing as if Joe wins, he’ll have NOTHING ready to go on.

This is their best?

Come on…

And more importantly, what a shame that Tapper didn’t do his ACTUAL job as a journalist and hold Jill’s feet to the fire, making her answer whatever question he had for her.

Just goes to show the bias that the mainstream media has for the Left…

We need better journalists if we’re going to get any REAL progress in our political journey.

We need honest, balanced, and truly unbiased reporting if we’re ever going to be able to trust the mainstream media to be our watchdogs for us…

But that doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

Shame on CNN…

Shame on Jake Tapper…

And shame on the Left for buying their BS.


“No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free no one ever will.” –Thomas Jefferson