We know how Liberals fight to push their agenda.

If they can’t ram it down your throat, they’ll discredit their opponents with arbitrary labels in order to defeat their detractors.

It’s a pretty simple strategy, really…

By calling their opponents names like “racists,” “bigots,” “homophobes,” and “misogynists,” it means that their opinions are invalid.

If they can get that narrative believed by the general public…well, then there’s absolutely nothing they can’t do.

The Left is trying their hardest to secure elections—but not for America’s benefit. Going forward, they and they alone will benefit from their newest round of voting legislation that will basically allow ANYBODY to vote in American elections.

The new legislation would federalize what happened in 2020 for all elections going forward…

The worst of these new rules is that no IDs would be needed when voting—meaning anybody can vote, regardless of their status as an American citizen.

Of course, the GOP is standing strong against this hijacking of the American democratic process—and with good reason. If Democrats get what they want, they’ll be well on their way to “securing” the outcome of every election from here on out…

And America will be subject to mob rule, destroying the idea of the republic that has made America the greatest country that has ever existed.

The Republicans don’t want to take anything away from the system…

They simply don’t want to add aspects to the process that will make any election questionable at best and fraudulent at worst.

The Left Proves They’re AGAINST Election Integrity

We need election integrity…

And making sure voters are who they say they are is the VERY basic form of election integrity, so the GOP is standing up for what they know is right.


What do you think the Left’s response is to do?

If you said, “Attack through labels in order to discredit them,” give yourself a lollipop!

That’s exactly what they’re doing…

In fact, they’re resurrecting a term from before the success of the civil rights movement lead to the legislation that ended segregation and moved our country forward in a positive direction.

CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris “Fredo” Cuomo may be the worst pairing on TV…and in a world where “The View” exists, that’s saying something.

These two frauds decided to try and have a laugh at the GOP’s expense over their opposing of the Democrats voting legislation – and discredit them by labeling them…wait for it…racists.

Here Come The Labels

It started with Fredo, who said to Lemon, “You and I have just aged 50 years, even more than what happened with the last administration. If we go back to Jim Crow-type laws in this country, you can’t give food and water to people waiting in line to vote. You can’t vote on Sundays.”

Lemon remarked back, “Souls to the polls.”

Fredo then said, “Ten times the amount of minority voters as non-minority on Sundays. That’s just the beginning. That’s just in Georgia, very important state.”

Lemon responded, “You are right. If we go back to that, it is going back to Jim Crow. It is Jim crow part 2, Jim Crow 2. What it shows more than anything —maybe this is the reason that Republicans are so hell-bent on talking about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head, because one hand is doing one thing and the other hand is doing the thing that is going to get them to guarantee that they get elected. That is going to hurt really Black and Brown voters, but they don’t care.”

Fredo agreed, saying, “Well, at the same time, they are coaxing people along with this momentum of people are out to get you. They’re out to destroy you.

Lemon’s responded with racism, saying, “White grievance. White grievance. That’s what it is. People are afraid as you saw with the insurrection, as you saw with the whole fake the election was stolen, people are afraid of the changing demographics of the country, but it’s inevitable. They’re fighting a losing battle. What they’re trying to do — America is going to be a minority-majority country. What they’re trying to do is set themselves up so that even though they are the minority in the future that they will still be able to have power, political power, economic power, and so on.”

How racist is it for Lemon to assume that all Republicans are White?

This isn’t about trying to protect one race from another; this is about protecting FREEDOM from those that want to turn America into a socialist cesspool.

The fact that they want to make this about race shows you that they don’t have a leg to stand on.

They know they’ve been exposed for the cheaters they are – and they’re trying to make sure the general public doesn’t find out the truth.

Too bad for them…

FreedomWire is right here to shine the light of truth on their dark lies.


“Surely, if we can land a spaceship on Mars, we can certainly put a voter ID card in the hand of every eligible voter.” – Andrew Young