This is going to be a bold statement…

But when it comes to the narrative that CNN is pushing about civil unrest, I don’t think I’ve seen anything more biased and filled with falsehoods since Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda during the rise of the Third Reich.


CNN has totally reversed course ever since they saw that Trump was gaining steam in the polls due to his hard stance on the looting and rioting in many Democrat-led cities and states.

Apparently, the Left thought they were onto something when they got behind BLM’s movement to “defund” or “abolish” the police.

But in the process, they forgot that the VAST majority of Americans actually care about their safety and the safety of the communities in which they live.

Leftist leaders latched onto this new direction in order to get the woke mob on their side…

But doing so cost them the support of MILLIONS of Americans that don’t want their cities, businesses, and homes burned to the ground.

The polls began to show that was gaining Trump voters by the boatload. In response, the Left mobilized and started to do what they always do: lie and use misinformation get the easily-manipulated back on their side.

The Left Makes Goebbels Proud

This task is made easier for them by the Left’s control over MUCH of the mainstream media, allowing them to use as many outlets at they want to change the narrative—and the biggest name among them, CNN, is at the center of it all.

Too bad their bait and switch won’t work, because too many people have been paying attention.

However, CNN doesn’t recognize that, so they’re pushing on to create a narrative so absolutely bonkers that you almost have to admire them for having the cojones to try.

Let’s take a look at a couple of recent headlines. Ready?

“Biden condemns violence and asks if Americans ‘really feel safe under Donald Trump’

            “Trump inflames tensions and justifies violence — and there’s a reason why”

            “Biden condemns violence in Portland and calls on Trump to do the same”

            “Biden says Trump is rooting for violence”


Do you see what they’re doing?

Democrats Think Nobody Was Paying Attention

They’re trying to flip the script on President Trump, claiming that he has been the one fanning the flames of civil unrest and violence while Joe Biden has been trying to be the peacekeeper.

But anybody that was born before 2011 and has a halfway-functional brain knows that to be a lie.

For MONTHS now, Trump has been calling for peace on America’s streets, all while Liberal mayors and governors ordered their police forces to stand down and let demonstrations devolve into rioting, looting, and chaos.

Trump has offered the use of federal agents and the National Guard to come in and help keep peace in these cities, and the Democrat mayors and governors REFUSED his help.

As all that happened, Creepy Joe sat in his basement and didn’t say a word, even while cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and Kenosha burned.

However, it wasn’t until the polls showed how important peace was to the American people that the Left come out to condemn violence.

Meanwhile, since the end of May, the entire Left has made excuses and turned a blind eye to the BILLIONS of dollars’ worth of destruction and the almost 30 lives lost since the unfortunate death of George Floyd.

Now that they’re finally speaking up, it’s simply too little too late.

The American people know the truth.

They’ve seen CNN reporters stand in front of a burning neighborhood and call it a “fiery but mostly peaceful protest.”

We know that the Left is trying to do, but it’s not going to work.

America knows there’s only one presidential candidate that will restore order to America’s Democrat hellholes…

And he goes by the name Donald J. Trump—and may God bless him on his mission to truly make America great again.


“Willful blindness” may hinder us from discerning the critical fault lines in the narrative of our life. Our memory may obliterate then the crucial elements that are vital to really come to know ourselves. (“Non mais, t’as vu l’heure !”)” ― Erik Pevernagie