CNN just won the award for most dystopian reporting of 2021 in an article warning Americans that food supply will not be like the “Before Times”—also known as pre-pandemic—due to supply chain issues wreaking havoc at ports lining our nation’s coastlines.

“If you hoped grocery stores this fall and winter would look like they did in the Before Times, with limitless options stretching out before you in the snack, drink, candy and frozen foods aisles, get ready for some disappointing news,” CNN Business wrote.

“Many of the country’s biggest food makers are telling grocers that they will have limited quantities of a number of their products, including items such as Rice Krispies Treats, Sour Patch Kids, some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, McCormick gourmet spices and Marie Callender’s pot pies because of labor, commodity and transportation constraints throttling supply chains, according to emails viewed by CNN and interviews with grocers.”

“These latest limits mean that stores won’t have all things for all customers heading into the holidays, and shoppers may not be able to find some of their favorite products, flavors or niche items,” the article later added.

CNN’s creepy way of telling Americans ‘Hey, be prepared for potential shortages because of Biden’s supply chain problems’ seems to almost revel in the possibility of America facing food shortages previously seen throughout history in third-world countries such as Venezuela or Cuba.

The article also disgustingly attempted to mark a “new norm” by reporting that “Some food brands are imposing allocations, or purchase caps, for certain products on grocery stores and distributors, while other vendors are warning more generally of limited availability.”

Rather than lamenting supply shortages that could affect American households already facing financial hardship, forcing them to additionally prepare for the possibility of food limitations, the report almost delights in the US becoming like a third-world country.

To make matters worse, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed what is surely a quickly approaching slowdown in commerce.

When asked about the troubling supply chain problems affecting food and material supply, Psaki replied, “Look, I can’t make a prediction for you that we’re going to solve every issue tomorrow and next week. We’re not,” she said during a press briefing on Wednesday.

This comes as inflation nears record highs as prices skyrocket for meat, poultry, and other household grocery items. According to the Labor Department, the price of food is up 4.6 percent from one year ago.

Economic downturn should never be looked at as a post-pandemic “norm.” We should be pressing the current administration to improve inflation and supply chain functionality. If we don’t, we risk lowering the bar for what it means to live in the wealthiest and most successful country in the world, which could have a ripple effect worldwide.