Imagine being the biggest country music video purveyor in America.

Now, think about your audience.

What do you picture?

American flag-waving, troop-supporting, hard-working, blue collar Americans?

Or flag-burning, troop-hating, entitled, unemployed Americans?

If you chose option A, then congrats, you’re qualified to work in the country music industry. The vast majority of country music fans were, are, and always will be all about Americana.

If you chose option B, then you might be one of the current higher-ups in Country Music Television. CMT is going woke in more ways than one, and it’s totally alienating the people that keep them on air.

And that’s a dangerous thing to do in an age where TV is dying a slow yet deliberate death.

There are many, many factors to the decisions CMT has been making, but what really started this off was CMT banning country artist Morgan Wallen.

How CMT Went Woke

What did Wallen do to get himself banned from CMT?

Well, a video surfaced earlier this year of an intoxicated Wallen and his friends in which he used the N-word in referring to his equally drunk White friend.

Though Wallen apologized, he suddenly became persona non grata on the station, in addition to all the other blowback he received for it…

Funny, there’s no talk of banning Hunter Biden from any platforms even though there’s proof he did the same thing. Weird, right?


Country music fans rallied behind Wallen and helped make his last album incredibly successful—but CMT is still keeping him off their channel even though their audience has asked for him to be brought back.

That was the first drop in the bucket, but it wasn’t the biggest and certainly not the last.

Now the music channel is fully embracing the Left’s anti-gun rhetoric too, proving to their fans that they’re going full-on woke.

In a tweet put out by the country, CMT said, “We’re (virtually) wearing orange today in support of National Gun Violence Awareness Day and to call attention to the more than 100 lives that are lost every day to gun violence. #WearOrange and visit for more.”

Now, if there is something else that the VAST majority of country music fans are into besides the American flag, God, supporting our troops, and working hard, it’s their love for their guns.

So, when the CMT attacks those guns, it’s personal.

While the sentiment of bringing awareness to gun violence seems innocuous—truthfully almost every American is against gun violence—it’s the path that this kind of talk bring you down that has people concerned. Bear in mind that anti-gun (not anti-violence) organizations like Bloomberg Philanthropies, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Democratic Attorneys General Association, March For Our Lives, and Newtown Action Alliance all back the Wear Orange campaign, you get a better picture of where this is going.

And the responses that have poured in from FORMER CMT watchers proves that the channel going woke may put the entire thing in trouble.

CMT Viewers Are NOT Happy

The Las Angeles Times reported, “A survey of the first 100 direct responses on the channel’s page showed an overwhelming majority unhappy with the message. Among the 100, only four were supportive (i.e., “Good for you! When they wrote the second amendment all they had were one-shot rifles. I don’t think they ever imagined that weapons of war could be purchased! Gun control is desperately needed, background checks and a waiting period. Those who [are] against gun control are idiots!”), one neutral and 95 disapproving. That’s 95% of 100 responders not in favor of CMT’s ‘Wear Orange’ message.”

That’s telling, isn’t it?

You should read some of the responses to the CMT’s tweet. You’ll get a kick out of it.

What we can ascertain from this whole thing is that if you’re going to support something as a company, know your audience.

You’d think the channel that serves country music fans would have their finger on the pulse of what country music fans stand for and what they accept – and more importantly what they don’t.

CMT management’s out of touch with the people that keep them in business…

And that’s not good.

Not good at all.


“Redneck law: Must have a gun. Must shoot it regularly.” – Willie Robertson


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