If you watched the Golden Globes recently, you would have heard actors come to the stage and preach about the wildfires in Australia being caused by climate change. They exploited the fires to push their narrative that catastrophic climate change will doom us all.

However, they and other climate alarmists are neglecting to tell the whole story about the Australia wildfires. They omit the fact that there have been multiple people who have been arrested for arson that contributed to growing the fires.

According to ABC News,” Two dozen Australians in the state of New South Wales have been arrested since early November for intentionally setting fires as record-large blazes continue to burn across the country.

There have been 24 people charged with deliberately setting fires among 183 facing legal action in the state, according to the New South Wales Police Force.

In addition to those facing the most serious charges of starting fires intentionally, authorities said another 53 people are facing legal action for not complying with the state’s fire ban and 47 people have faced legal action for discarding a lit cigarette or match on land.”

There has been a concerted effort by some in the Left to spin the news of the arrests.

Writing for the Atlantic, Christopher Knaus wrote, “Arson has always been a serious problem in Australia, particularly at times of heightened fire danger. Arsonists have been responsible for some of Australia’s worst bushfires, including a blaze during the horrific 2009 Black Saturday fires that killed 10 people, and arson is a common cause of ignition. New South Wales police say they have charged 24 people for lighting bush fires since November.

This time around, though, the role of arson has been grossly exaggerated. Suggestions of an arson epidemic began to ferment on social media at the height of the crisis around New Year’s Day.”

It is true that the fires started on a smaller scale in September before anyone was arrested for arson. However, it is plausible that carnage was exasperated by the arsonists.

There are other potential causes as well, such as basic land management practices. Simply clearing the land of vegetation that can cause fires ahead of time can prevent massive wildfires.

Authorities could have started wildfires to cause larger fires by clearing ground fuel from fueling larger fires. Miranda Devine wrote the following about how and why this course of action would work:

“I lived in Australia through the past two decades of escalating fire crises and it’s not climate change that has caused today’s disaster, but the criminal negligence of governments that have tried to buy green votes by locking up vast tracks of land as national parks, yet failed to spend the money needed to control ground fuel and maintain fire trails.

Instead, they bowed to an ideology that obstructs necessary hazard reduction and prevents landowners from clearing vegetation around their own properties, all in thrall to the god of ‘biodiversity.’”

Sometimes the solutions to preventing disasters is more simple than it seems. The Australia wildfires are another example of this phenomenon.