Infrastructure. That has to be the single biggest money-making scam that politicians pull on voters every single election year. Now granted, I grew up in California, so it may be different elsewhere, but why is it that politicians relentlessly ask for more and more money for supposed “infrastructure” every year without actually explaining what they’re doing? There are freeways and roads here in California that have been “under construction” for several years, but never get completed. Yet, they continue to push us to give up more of our tax dollars to “maintain roads and bridges.” Maybe if we actually saw returns on the taxes we hand over for the promise of better cities, I wouldn’t be so anti the word “infrastructure.” Who knows where our money actually goes?

Perhaps this is why it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that Democrats would use this excuse to actually push their progressive climate change agenda. Bait and switch – again, all in the name of infrastructure.

On Thursday, House Democrats unveiled a whopping $1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan called the Moving Forward Act. Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the plan as a way to “make real the promise of building infrastructure in a green and resilient way.” Don’t be fooled: this is essentially just the Green New Deal with a different name.

According to a breakdown from The Hill, the Moving Forward Act includes:

  • $500 billion “green” transportation bill
  • $100 billion for broadband internet
  • $100 billion for low-income schools
  • $100 billion for public housing
  • $70 billion for clean energy projects
  • $30 billion to upgrade hospitals
  • $25 billion for drinking water
  • $25 billion for the postal service

The “transportation” part of the bill requires states to consider climate change before starting new projects. It also would mandate that states meet certain greenhouse gas emission goals before they receive funding. So basically, if passed, it becomes quid pro quo to force them to go along with Democrats’ unreasonable and unrealistic agenda.

This is more of an overpriced project to implement the Left’s agenda than an actual infrastructure bill. It’s a climate change extremist’s dream. The Democrats have been obsessed with the postal service lately and that has nothing to do with infrastructure. Neither does drinking water or low-income schools, for that matter. When you take a deeper dive, you realize that few, if any, of the listed agenda items have anything to do with improving our country’s fundamental buildings and structures.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to encourage Americans to go green, reduce emissions, or use eco-friendly alternatives. However, there’s a lot wrong with calling it “infrastructure” as if they are going to build bridges and improve roads when they are actually attempting a total overhaul of our country’s energy industry and forcing their agenda down our throats.

Democrats like Peter DeFazio, the Committee Chairman of Transportation and Infrastructure, are quite shameless about it. “Those who don’t believe in climate change, tough luck. We’re going to deal with it,” DeFazio asserted, according to The Hill.

It would be great if we could implement more solar, wind, or hydro energy alternatives. But unfortunately, none of those methods have technology advanced enough to sustain energy for a country our size. The Democrats have revealed virtually no plan to address this slightly important detail. How do they think we’re going to get efficient and widespread green energy across the country if the renewable sources can’t meet the demand? Logistically, it’s impossible to quit using coal, oil, and gas on a mass scale at the moment. Furthermore, $1.5 trillion won’t even begin to cut it, considering the massive expense of renewable energy plants, the inflation it will cause on households, and the thousands of jobs we will lose. It’s a good thing the House isn’t in charge of legislating on their own, or they’d inadvertently revert us to a third-world country in the name of “fighting climate change.”

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