On December 29th, in a small church in Texas, a lone gunman opened fire on the congregation during the afternoon service, taking the lives of two men in a matter of seconds.

However, further casualties were prevented by the heroic actions of Jack Wilson, a retired FBI agent and current firearms instructor who leads the volunteer security team at the church.

Wilson, already on alert after observing the shooter’s suspicious behavior, immediately leaped into action, drawing his concealed sidearm and firing a single shot at the suspect’s head. The shooter falls instantly, ultimately dying a few minutes later.

The video of the incident is available below.

WARNING: This video contains actual footage of a shooting, and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


Both in his own community and around the country, Wilson is being hailed as a hero. His quick reaction and ability to keep a cool head under pressure likely saved dozens of lives, if not more.

He willingly stepped into harm’s way in order to protect the members of his congregation. Regardless of whatever else is said about him, that’s downright heroic.

Also, on a much less important but equally remarkable note, taking a shot at that range with nothing but a pistol—while under extreme stress, no less—and landing a perfect headshot on the first try with zero collateral damage is objectively impressive.

All told, it’s a testament to the good that a firearm can do when it’s in the RIGHT hands.

But Wilson didn’t act alone.

Although he was the first one to draw his weapon and fire, eliminating the threat, the security camera footage shows at least six other congregants drawing their own concealed firearms and advancing on the shooter after he went down.

But not everyone was so quick to celebrate the actions of Wilson and his fellow churchgoers.

After all, it advances the “good-guy-with-a-gun” narrative…

And we can’t have that, now can we?

Media Responds To A Good Guy With A Gun

A now-highly-criticized op-ed written by Arizona Republic blogger Elvia Diaz and published by USA Today tries to spin the aftermath of the shooting into something—anything!—that fits the anti-gun narrative.

“Jack Wilson is a hero alright,” Diaz writes at the beginning of the op-ed. “Unfortunately…[Wilson’s] split-second heroism has been turned into a PR tool by gun advocates.”

After only briefly mentioning Wilson’s extensive firearms training, Diaz gets to the focal point of her analysis:

“[W]e know nothing about the at least six other parishioners who also appeared to draw their handguns at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

And that’s terrifying.”

In her article, Diaz diverts attention away from Jack Wilson’s heroism and instead focuses on two main questions.

  • Why were so many other parishioners armed?
  • How did the shooter, who had a history of criminal activity and mental instability, obtain a gun?

Now, those might sound like at least semi-legitimate questions, but there are a few key facts that Diaz is ignoring.

“The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed…”

Regarding all the other armed churchgoers, there’s a simple two-part answer here.

First of all, to put it simply, it’s Texas. As stereotypical as it may sound, people from that state have a reputation for proudly exercising their Second Amendment rights. That stereotype exists for a reason.

Secondly, Texas has some of the nation’s least restrictive gun laws (whether you love or hate that fact is up to you), and one state law in particular made all the difference on that tragic day.

My colleague Shawn Robertson wrote an article all about the benefits of this law—as well as Joe Biden’s ignorant comments about it—which you can read HERE—but to summarize his point, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed a bill into law that permits citizens to bring their concealed weapons into their respective places of worship, preventing religious gatherings from becoming “gun-free zones” …or, to would-be shooters, “soft targets.”

Sunday’s events show exactly why this law is necessary and how it can literally make the difference between life and death.

Additionally, it means that not only were these parishioners within their constitutional rights to have their weapons with them, but they were also backed up by state law as well.

In reality, Diaz taking issue with their actions is a thinly-veiled critique of Governor Abbot’s legislation…and, worse, of the Second Amendment itself. Diaz writes:

“The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms. And that isn’t going anywhere. But that constitutional amendment doesn’t spell out the types of firearms Americans should bear, nor does it give Americans the right to sell them to anyone to carry anywhere.”

Diaz is dead wrong on this one. These men did nothing illegal, and, contrary to a major Leftist talking point, the presence of multiple weapons at the scene didn’t turn it into an Old West-style shootout with extensive casualties from the crossfire.

Three shots were fired in the church: two from the shooter, one from Wilson. Everyone else drew their weapon as a precaution, but as the video shows, they all handled themselves responsibly. We might not know who they are, and they may not have Wilson’s qualifications, but that’s no reason to be “terrified” of them.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

The Killer’s Gun

When it comes to where exactly the shooter got his weapon, the investigation is still ongoing. However, there’s something worth noting here.

Ironically, during her criticism, Diaz actually reinforces a point that pro-Second Amendment advocates have been making for years.

“Sunday’s shooting isn’t just about Jack Wilson’s heroism,” Diaz says. “It’s about how [the perpetrator, name withheld as per FreedomWire’s policy of not publicizing the identities of mass shooters] got a hold of a weapon in the first place, given his criminal record.”

Do you see what she’s admitting here?

The shooter, who had an extensive criminal record and SHOULD NOT have had access to firearms, was nevertheless able to obtain one. It was ALREADY illegal for him to have guns of any kind, and yet he had one.

Because criminals don’t care about the law.

A sufficiently motivated criminal will find a way to get a weapon if they really want one.

Gun advocates have been saying it for as long as we can remember, and this just proves it yet again. All the gun control in the world won’t stop a murderer.

All it does is leave the Jack Wilsons of the world to fend for themselves, armed with nothing but their bare hands.

Every single armed man in that church was willing to confront a killer to protect themselves and their community. Dozens of people were able to go home safely to their families that day, and without Jack Wilson, that would not have been possible. THAT should be the focus here.

Because if a world with men like Jack Wilson is “terrifying”…

I shudder to think of how we’d describe a world without them.