While the coronavirus pandemic seemed like it would be here forever, it is slowly coming to an end—whether the Democrats like it or not. We have therapeutics, treatments, and soon we will have a vaccine for COVID-19. When that comes, nothing, not even a “second wave,” will stand in the way of a full reopening of our country.

Until then, we have a bit of good news to celebrate. During a task force press conference on Monday evening, President Trump made a huge announcement regarding the spread of the coronavirus. Trump revealed that “We’re beginning to see evidence of significant progress. Nationwide the number of positive cases has declined by nearly 6% from the week before,” he said.

This is big news, and again, going unreported by the mainstream media.

Instead, all we see is reports of mini spikes in various cities. Perhaps the king of fear-mongering Ls leftist California Governor Gavin Newsom who, on a daily basis, tweets out reports of never-ending spikes, positive test results, and fatalities across the state and dictates that people wear face masks. For example, his most recent update on Monday reads:

“Today’s #COVID19 update:

  • 148,721 tests reported
  • Positive cases: 5,739
  • 7-day average caseload: 7,764
  • Average positivity rate dropped slightly to 7.0%

Sadly, 32 fatalities were reported. We’re seeing modest declines overall – but we’re not out of the woods. WEAR YOUR MASK”

How about this friendly wear a face mask reminder?

Keep in mind that in context, California was never, not once, on the higher end of positive coronavirus cases. Out of all the charts Dr. Birx showed at coronavirus task force briefings this past spring, California was always at the low end of positivity rates.

So, for Gavin Newsom to shut down the state for a second time, share a daily “WEAR YOUR MASK” reminder, report mortality rates, and downplay drops in positivity rates, he is 100% fear-mongering. What about recovery rates and antibody testing? These are numbers they don’t want us to see.

If we did, perhaps we would revolt against the unconstitutional church closures and worship bans Newsom is implementing in California. On a small level, it’s already happening.

Over the past couple of weekends, thousands of Californians have attended outdoor church services at the beach in defiance of the state’s CCP-style indoor worship bans. Worship leader Sean Feucht has been traveling across the state to hold “Let Us Worship” protests, prompting about 5,000 residents to attend one he held in San Diego.

Defending his movement, Feucht said, “We have a right just as much to assemble and worship, and it’s foundational in the constitution… You know, we’re exercising that right freely, and we’re really, really thankful and grateful to be able to do that in this amazing country.”

While Feucht has found a way to encourage Christians to gather and worship outside, pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church maintains his right to hold service indoors.

Los Angeles County officials have allegedly threatened MacArthur with hefty fines and even arrest if he does not comply with ending indoor church service. Regardless of the authoritarian threats from local officials, the pastor said in a video message to the congregation, “We will obey God rather than men.” He continued, “Whatever happens is going to be what He allows to happen. But He will be on our side because we will be obedient and faithful to His word.”

Just like the US Constitution doesn’t say “you have rights up until there’s a virus,” the Bible doesn’t say “worship God unless there’s a virus.” Our tyrannical Leftist governors and local officials across the country need to understand that we expect them to defend our rights—but if they won’t, we will do it ourselves. Like Trump reported, cases are declining nationally. We want our freedoms back.