Wouldn’t be awesome if our elected officials all ACTUALLY cared about America?

We’d like to think that they actually DID care about our country at some point…

Like when they first decided to run for office, we can only hope they chose to do so out of some sense of civic duty and a desire to make America a better and stronger nation.

However, something happens to elected officials when they get into office…

Their focus becomes less and less about making America stronger – and more and more about holding onto power.

That being said…

There has never been a more partisan atmosphere than the one that exists in American politics today.

The divisiveness that started under Obama was kicked into overdrive with the election of Trump in 2016 – and while I truly believe some of the blame for the uptick lies on his shoulders, the majority of the blame falls on social media and the mainstream news networks.

If Trump Says, “Left,” Liberals Say, “RIGHT!”

The way they’ve treated Donald Trump as president has been nothing short of disrespectful, unpatriotic, and flat-out disgusting.

Whatever Trump says anything, a majority of experts, journalists, influencers, and celebrities say the opposite just because they hate what he stands for.

There’ve been jokes and Memes going around the internet that say “Liberals hate Trump so much that he could cure cancer and they’d be angry that he put oncologists out of work.”

And while we laughed for a while…

We never thought that that statement would be proven correct…until Trump recently ordered a drone strike that took out one of the world’s most preeminent terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, and the Left lost their collective mind.


Leftists and Liberals hate our president so much that they’re siding with a terrorist regime and mourning an ACTUAL terrorist rather than supporting our own president.

The regular people are bad…

But the politicians are the absolute worst.

Take Chuck Schumer… (please!)

Here’s what Schumer tweeted out after news of the successful strike broke:

“President Trump seems hell-bent on starting another endless war in the Middle East. He does not have the authority to do so. I plan to fight him tooth and nail on this and intend to support the efforts of Senators Kaine, Sanders, and others. Congress must assert its authority.”



He doesn’t have the authority to do so?


Let’s take a look at a tweet from seven years ago, smack dab in the middle of the reign of King Obama. What did Schumer say then?

Chuck’s Partisanship Bulls**t Is Showing

Back when Obama was ordering his own drone strikes in the Middle East, Schumer said the following:

“Killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi is a huge blow to al Qaeda & evidence that President Obama’s bold & decisive drone strike policy is working.”


“Bold and decisive drone strike POLICY”?!

Are you serious?

Obama ordered almost 3000 drone strikes during his time in office…

Can anybody remember the Democrats decrying a single one of them?

Did ANY of Obama’s drone strikes take out anybody as important as Soleimani?

This man was responsible for the orchestration of what happened in Benghazi and would have done the same to the personnel of the Baghdad embassy too, had our president not active “bold and decisively”.

Come on, Chuck…

Show a little pride in your country. We know that you have to toe the party line—but there are some issues that shouldn’t be partisan.

The killing of a terrorist personally responsible for the death of over 600 Americans is one of them.

If you can’t see that…

Your hate and quest of power override your sense of patriotism.

And that’s a problem…

Fix it.

Or find yourself looking for a new job sooner rather than later – which we’re 100% ok with.

Are you?


“If ever the time should come, when vain & aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”—Samuel Adams