There was once a time when former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was a frontrunner to be the GOP representative for the presidency…but his star has fallen a long way since then.

For some one-time supporters, the last straw was the way that he kissed Obama’s butt after Hurricane Sandy tore through his state. For others, it was the time New Jersey’s parks were shut down by funding cuts but Christie and his family enjoyed their Independence Day on a CLOSED beach like he was the king of the world.

Regardless of WHY Christie’s popularity has waned, he nonetheless remains a stalwart of the GOP, even if he’s not a well-loved one.

This is good, because Christie is a very smart man, and his ability to communicate complex policies in simple form is an asset to the Right.

Of course, while some of us can’t forgive him for the Obama thing, he’s a pretty solid Conservative when the chips are down, and he does have some insight that can prove valuable come the elections of 2022 and 2024.

Christie made an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” where he and other political figures discussed Joe Biden’s performance so far—and things got a little heated when Chris gave his feelings on the sitting POTUS.

Christie Opens Up On The “Death” of Joe Biden

During the discussion, Christie said, “I had a political science professor who said when your adversary is willing to commit suicide, there’s no reason to commit murder. The result is the same. It’s the death of 2020 Joe Biden. When he went to the Hill, 2020, Joe Biden is now officially dead and buried.”

Wow, those are STRONG words from the former governor…but that doesn’t mean that they don’t ring true.

It’s absolutely true that the Republicans don’t have to do anything to sabotage Joe Biden. Biden has shot himself directly in the foot, and it’s better if the GOP just lets him limp off by himself.

If Biden was sunk by the GOP, that’s all the Democrats would say for the rest of time. They’d claim that Biden could have been a great president had the Republicans cooperated with him, but they didn’t. They’ll say the GOP worked against him on everything, making all the failures their fault.

And they would have been justified to do that since that’s the exact same argument made about the relationship between Trump and the Democrats.

The GOP would have more than enough motivation to do to Biden what Democrats did to Trump, but they didn’t take that opportunity. Instead, they just let Joe be Joe.

Christie continued, “The guy who ran against the progressives ran against Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, ran to be a uniter in this country, ran saying he was going to force compromise. And he went up to Capitol Hill, and he capitulated to the progressives, the liberals in his party. And why should we be surprised? He couldn’t stand up to the Taliban. How could we expect him to stand up to AOC?”


Like I said, hurtful…but true.

Christie Speaks The TRUTH!

Biden DID kowtow to the Taliban… and more often than not, he kowtows to the radicals in his own party just as easily.

Christie was being politically correct by calling them “progressives,” but that term is a misnomer, as people like AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush aren’t “progressive” at all. They’re extremists and they will only tolerant equal extremism from others around them.

This is what Christie is talking about.

Biden is the weakest president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter—and he may even be weaker than that! If you don’t think that’s apparent to the world, you’re only fooling yourself.

Of course, the others on the panel with Christie, which included Donna Brazil, the former chair for the DNC who ADMITTED she and the others screwed Bernie Sanders in 2016, voiced her displeasure at Christie’s comments.

Host Jonathan Karl pipped up and squeaked, “That’s a partisan take to be sure.”

That comment sparked a little fire from Christie: “No, no, no! Hold on a second? Did he stand up to the Taliban? Why is that partisan? He hasn’t stood up to anyone except for the people in his own party who nominated him.”

Again, his words are true! That’s not a partisan take; that is simply fact, and the more people think speaking against the President is “partisan,” the less we’ll be unified as a country.

We need to be able to call a spade a spade…

And Biden is screwing up.

Don’t hate the messenger.


“You know, I think what the American people want more than anything else right now is someone who’s just going to look them in the eye and tell them the truth, even some truths that they don’t like. And – but they have to believe the person’s speaking from their heart and are authentic.” – Chris Christie