Want to hear something absolutely ridiculous? China, the communist country that STARTED the coronavirus crisis in the first place, is claiming that it’s just a victim of the virus. It’s got to be the most ridiculous thing that we’ve ever heard.

Does the Chinese government think that people can’t remember things that happened four short months ago? Did they forget that the internet exists? Because outside of communist countries, information is wide open for the world to view at that their leisure and that information points a huge finger at China.

We KNOW that the virus emanated from China’s Wuhan province. The local wet market was ground zero for COVID-19’s spread. That’s why people have been calling it the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus (much to the irritation of Leftists).

See, we KNOW that the virus came from Wuhan. That’s not up for debate at this point.

Not only do we know where it came from, but you could almost bet money that the virus came from the biological research facility less than a mile away from the market.
You know, the facility that was studying coronaviruses, particularly those found in bats.


But China wants the world to think they’re just one of the victims of this pandemic.

China Throws Down The Victim Card

Well, if they believe that, why not let American research teams or WHO officials in to investigate the virus? Wouldn’t that help clear their name if they had nothing to hide? The only reason to prevent an investigation is that they’re afraid of investigators finding the truth.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s Ambassador to Britain, said in a statement, “You can’t have this campaign of stigmatizing, disinformation and smear against China, as some American politicians are doing. It is not OK to say the virus originated in China, it is a matter of science. It is up to the scientists not for you, me, or politicians. You can’t blame China. China is a victim; China is not a culprit of this virus. It is not a man-made virus. It is natural in origin so we have to adopt a scientific approach.”

Now, before we get into America’s retort of this statement, let’s take just a moment to focus on one thing: Xiaoming felt like he had to say that COVID-19 “is not a man-made virus.”

Why did that need to be said?

Dollars to donuts says that when this all shakes out, it’ll be clear that China had a hand in the virus’ release, if not its actual creation.

But we’re not epidemiologists here, so who knows?

What we DO know is that the virus 100% started in China. Trying to play the victim card is a desperate tactic, and it comes right out of the Liberal handbook.

The worst part is that China has already recruited people from the Left to back up their claims. People like Nancy Pelosi, along with much of the mainstream media, keep trying to frame Donald Trump’s finger-pointing as nothing more than a distraction.

They’re wrong, and they know it. More importantly, the people of America know it, and their response to China’s victim card has been nothing short of brilliant.

Chinese Dissident Group Reminds China Of The TRUTH

Los Angeles residents decided to show China what they think of their blame-shifting by shining a light – literally – on their victimhood propaganda.

A local Chinese dissident group called the Anti-Totalitarian Chinese Alliance projected various images onto the local Chinese consulate building.

In big bright letters, the words “CCP Virus,” a picture of President Xi Jinping with a virus hat, and “NMSL” were projected onto the building that houses the consulate.

If you’re wondering, “NSML” loosely translates to “your mother has died.”

But it’s the picture President Xi with the virus on top of his head and the caption “CCP Virus” underneath that really took the cake. It lays the virus squarely at Xi’s feet, and there’s not much he can do about it.

China can’t be let off the hook. Their propaganda must not be allowed to take root.

The truth MUST be told…

And in the end, China is not going to look good. If they were smart, they’d start working on a plan for if and when the truth comes out.

This denial stance is going to hurt them more than copping to it.

Luckily, there are people out there who will continue to call them out about it until the truth is brought to light.


“You cannot be happy if your primary identity is that of a victim, even if you really are one.” ― Dennis Prager