Things are going downhill between China and the United States…

And it may be a path that ends with the two countries in a heated military confrontation.

China has taken a beating as of late…

Months ago, President Trump forced them to the negotiation table through strong-arm tactics, convincing them to sign a new—and much fairer—trade deal between our two countries.

He wasn’t nice about it either…

Trump forced the negotiation with tariffs and higher taxes on their goods which in turn saw them lose a lot of money during the trade war.

But the US came out on top…

Apparently, China needs our money more than we need their goods, and eventually, they relented and accepted the majority of Trump’s terms.

And then, even as they were reeling from that loss…

COVID-19—aka the Wuhan virus—reared its ugly head and decimated the population.

The response from the Chinese government was atrocious…

In fact, they initially DENIED that the disease was communicable—and they even went so far as to destroy reports about the virus’ spread, silencing medical professionals and spreading false statistics.


Videos started leaking online, showing Chinese citizens LITERALLY being welded into their houses and people dying in the streets.

And then the disease spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

So, needless to say, China has taken it on the chin for the past few months. They needed to do something to make it seem like they’re still in control.

And that’s exactly what they did.

When You Look Weak – Try To Attack!

One of their big ideas?

Trying to get their population (and the rest of the world) to believe that the Wuhan virus was created and unleashed by the United States.

They’re trying to create an anti-American sentiment, getting the eyes of the world off of them and onto the United States…

But it’s not working. So, that being the case, the Chinese government has decided to take another avenue – and it’s their most dangerous move yet.

China’s state-run media recently reported that the communist government is considering using an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) to disable American ships in “Chinese territory”—even though the region they’ve claimed is officially recognized as international waters.

This would be a GRAVE mistake on their part…

If such an aggressive move were to be made, the retaliation from the United States may see the communist regime toppled when all is said and done.

China Rattles Saber – But Do They Want War?

Here is a snippet from the state-sponsored article:

To counter US’ repeated trespasses into Chinese territorial waters, the Chinese military has the option of using new approaches, including the deployment of electromagnetic weapons, Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and commentator, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

Firing at US warships is not a good choice unless the US fires first, and that would result in the start of a China-US military conflict, Song said, noting that bumping into US ships might also not be a good counter, as lessons have been learned from the Black Sea bumping incident between the Soviet Union and US in 1988.

But the use of electromagnetic weapons, including low-energy laser devices, could be viable, as they can temporarily paralyze US ships’ weapon and control systems without visible conflict but can send a strong warning, according to Song.

Electromagnetic weapons can emit electromagnetic waves that can potentially jam electronic devices of target vessels and will not cause casualties, military observers said.

The US accused a Chinese destroyer of using lasers on February 17 on its patrol aircraft near Guam, even though it was the US aircraft that had initially conducted repeated close-in reconnaissance that interrupted the Chinese fleet’s normal navigation and training. This is a good example and could be applied more, Song said.

China needs to be VERY careful here…

Right now is the absolute WRONG time to be rattling your saber. The world is on edge—and if China decides to go down this road, they’d better be ready for the consequences.

Obama isn’t in office anymore…

Trump is a whole different animal. The people in Hong Kong may wind up getting their wish of Trump saving them from communism sooner rather than later.


“My argument is that War makes rattling good history; but Peace is poor reading.” – Thomas Hardy