Make no mistake

China is no friend of the United States. They have been showing their true colors lately.

The trade war between the United States and China has taken center stage recently, but there are some serious concerns extending beyond trade.

The Chinese Threat Is Real.

China is arguably the biggest international threat to the United States. They have become increasingly aggressive in making global moves. They are building islands in the South Pacific, they are gaining footholds on multiple continents—including Africa—and they are increasing the size of their military, as well as producing more weapons and warships.

The Chinese have also developed the largest arsenal of missiles in the world.

The New York Times reported that “in 2017, Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr, then head of the United States Pacific Command, said in congressional testimony that the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force controls the largest and most diverse missile force in the world, with an inventory of more than 2,000 ballistic and cruise missiles.”

Chinese Propaganda

China has ramped up the anti-American propaganda in their country. They have used America as a scapegoat for the anti-government protests in Hong Kong and have accused the US of sowing chaos generally.

The Times reported, “A popular news anchor watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese poured scorn on the United States, using an obscenity to accuse it of sowing chaos. A prominent official blamed Washington directly for the anti-government protests upending Hong Kong.

Pointed hostility toward America, voiced by Chinese officials and state-run news organizations under the control of an all-powerful propaganda department, has escalated in recent weeks in tandem with two of China’s big problems: a slowing economy complicated by trade tensions and turbulence in Hong Kong that has no end in sight.”

Corporate Threats

There is also concern over the power of the Chinese Telecommunications giant, Huawei. The company has been a major concern for the US because of fears that the company will use its technology to conduct espionage on behalf of the Chinese government.

The BBC reported, “In principle, controlling the technology that sits at the heart of vital communications networks gives Huawei the capacity to conduct espionage or disrupt communication during any future dispute, particularly as more things, from autonomous vehicles to domestic appliances, become connected to the internet.

Countries using Huawei equipment monitor such risks carefully.”

The Chinese government passed a chilling law in 2017 that compels organizations to “support, co-operate with and collaborate in national intelligence work.”

That law requires Chinese firms to share personal information with the Chinese government, hence the concern over Huawei.

American companies have also been tied to nefarious Chinese plots. Google and IBM have been working with Semptian, a Chinese firm, to develop mass surveillance systems.

The Intercept’s Ryan Gallagher reported, “the company has developed a mass surveillance system named Aegis, which it says can store and analyze data. Aegis can provide a full view of the virtual world, the company claims in the documents, allowing government spies to see the connections of everyone, including location information for everyone in the country.”

Don’t get distracted with news of the trade war between China and the United States: China is our enemy in more than just economics. They should be treated as such. They are in this for the long run; they aren’t going away.