Like President Trump said months ago, “the world is watching” the events surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

As many understand, this was an election where the American people were faced with deciding whether they wanted to continue President Trump’s “America First” approach or install a new administration that would seek to appease the world.

After election results were stalled on the night of November 3rd, some countries were quick to congratulate Joe Biden for a projected electoral college win at the time. But others remained silent as the election dragged on through the several weeks that followed.

Unfortunately, thousands of examples of voter fraud that could have swung the electoral college away from Joe Biden never saw a day in court.

And here we are, just days after Congress certified the Electoral College results officiating Joe Biden as President-elect.

The news, which did not sit well with Trump supporters, caused them to riot and storm the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

Interestingly enough, China, of all places, surprisingly had one of the most accurate takes on the situation.

Reuters reported on Thursday that Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying compared the protestors at the Capitol to pro-Democracy demonstrators of Hong Kong who similarly occupied their Capitol in 2019.

Chunying added that Hong Kong’s protests were more “severe,” however, no citizens died (according to the CCP at least).

While the mainstream media is painting the U.S. Capitol protestors as “insurrectionists” due to the reckless and violent actions of a few, the truth is that the majority of them were there to fight for their rights and liberties, just like the citizens of Hong Kong.

In fact, during Hong Kong’s massive protest against the CCP, many citizens flew American flags and sang the American National Anthem. Why? Because those things symbolize freedom around the world.

This came after China controversially decided to put an end to their rights under British rule, specifically their rights to protest and speak freely.

Hong Kong citizens were suddenly banned from gathering to protest the CCP. Dozens were arrested and assaulted for doing so. Newspapers were even banned from reported dissenting news against the CCP. High profile journalists were arrested for violating the new law.

During this time, the pro-Democracy protestors of Hong Kong looked to us as the beacon of hope for freedom, like many countries subjected to tyranny around the world do.

And if the CCP can admit the comparison between that movement and pro-Trump protestors who took to the Capitol, then we’re in more trouble than we realize in the U.S. under a Biden administration.

China is saying what many Americans can’t even admit right now: Trump supporters who flooded Washington D.C. this week are protesting the real threat of tyranny in America.

We should not allow the violence to define the movement or the massive turnout of patriots who came to fight for freedom. It is urgent we do not relent in our pursuit of justice and liberty in America although we must do it peacefully.

We cannot allow ourselves to become like the small territory of Hong Kong, overpowered by a massive authoritarian state that allows no dissent.