Back during the campaign, there was a meme going around the internet and social media: “If China wants Biden to be president, it’s reason enough that America shouldn’t.”

It makes sense…

Of course China would want Biden to be president. When he and Obama were in charge, they bent over backward to give the communist country anything and everything they wanted. Biden’s own son Hunter, walked away from the arrangement with a billion-dollar deal.

Biden and Obama set the stage for China to become the world power it is today.

Sure, they didn’t start the fire—Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. all did their part to enrich the People’s Republic—but Obama and Biden’s policies are what has given them so much influence over the world markets.

But so far, many of the moves that Biden has made will BENEFIT China way more than it will benefit the US—and while the Left is cheering some of those moves, they’re really not paying attention to the steep price we’ll pay…or maybe they just don’t care.

Step One: Make America Energy Dependent Again

Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty outlined some of these issues when he was recently interviewed by Breitbart News – and he touched on a lot of the reasons why we should be wary of Sleepy Joe’s relationship with China.

Hagerty told the Patriot Channel hosts, “Broadly look at what the Biden Administration is doing on energy. By canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, Biden is giving a huge gift to China. Look at what it did to Canada. If Canada can’t move their oil through the XL pipeline, they’re going to sell it to China. Well, guess what? China now has a huge store of oil headed its way courtesy of the Biden administration. And this Paris Climate Accord that they want to get back into? That’s going to put an immediate burden on the U.S. economy. China is not going to have to comply anywhere in the near term. Theirs was the only economy that grew last year. Ours didn’t. They’re going to put more burden on us while China is singing all the way to the bank thanks to the Biden administration. So, we have some real reasons to be concerned.”

And he’s right…

These moves do NOT benefit America in any way.

Through Trump, America, for the first time since World War II, reached energy independence.

Biden is looking to kill that – and with the nixing of the Keystone Pipeline, he’s already made a huge dent in that independence.

Then, by banning any new fracking leases on federal lands, he’s more or less ensuring that we once again become the slaves to Russia and the OPEC nations.

Step Two: Kill American Jobs

However, if you want to see the REAL way that Sleepy Joe is handed the keys to the kingdom over to the Chinese, look no further than his callous job-killing executive orders.

On this, Hagerty said, “The first and the most immediate concern is the fact that Biden is killing jobs. He’s killing American jobs at a time when we’re trying to recover from a pandemic-driven recession. Who would do this? He’s doing exactly that. Energy independence was one of the biggest strategic victories of the Trump administration. I worked very hard to get the Japanese to invest in infrastructure to become an importer of U.S. energy. We would certainly want our allies to be utilizing U.S. energy rather than Russian energy or energy from other nations that don’t have our best interests at heart. That was a very powerful strategic tool for us, a very powerful strategic step. Biden wants to make us now dependent on nations again that don’t have our best interests at heart. He wants to make us energy dependent on foreign countries and wants to get us the oil we would otherwise be doing business here lowering our costs of doing business, lowering our output costs, lowering the cost of gas at the pump for American citizens—he wants to raise that price and send the benefit to China because the Chinese are going to get the oil that the Canadians will no longer be selling to us. This is ludicrous. It’s killing American jobs. It’s damaging our economy. It’s strengthening our strategic competitors and weakening us in the process.”

Maybe we should give Joe another nickname…

Maybe Sleepy or Creepy or Floppy Joe just doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

Do you know what does?

Beijing Biden…

That seems pretty apropos, don’t you think?


“There’s an old expression attributed to the Chinese years ago. It said, ‘Women hold up half the sky.’ Guess what? the reason no country will be able to compete for world economic prominence unless they fully engage the women in their society.” – Joe Biden quoting Chairman Mao Zedong


Editor’s Note:

Beijing Biden has been very busy destroying America’s future in his first two weeks in office—and one can’t help but wonder just when this insane rollercoaster ride will end. Joe is making the Chinese richer and more powerful while doing his best to make Americans weak and poorer by the day. That’s why we have to do WHATEVER we can to protect the wealth we have. If you want to protect your wealth from Sleepy Joe and the communist regime in China, then you’d better start taking some of THESE steps to ensure your future is secure. See the steps HERE.