China is leading the world as the biggest global air polluter, exceeding the United States and all other developed countries combined in the emission of greenhouse gases, a new report indicates.

According to a new study published Thursday by Rhodium Group, a research firm, China was responsible for 27% of all global emissions in 2019—a new high for the country.

China’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Exceeded the Developed World for the First Time in 2019

Even when added together, the US and 27-member EU combined produced 14,057 gigatons of greenhouse emissions, which still fell short of China’s 14,093.

The country’s latest numbers represent a tripling of their 1990 greenhouse gas levels, and a sharp 25% increase over the past decade, the report added.

Our Asian competitor far exceeded US emissions, which totaled just 11% of the world’s total.

This report comes after the Biden administration rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, which lists China as a “developing” country when it comes to carbon emissions.

Re-Entering The Paris Climate Agreement Was A Bad Move… Here’s Why

In the Paris Agreement, developed countries such as the US, Japan, UK, Germany, and others, agree to pay differing amounts of money to fund programs in undeveloped countries responsible for much of the world’s emissions, including India and China.

Because of their status, China is not required to pay anything in the agreement. They must only pledge to reduce their emissions.

However, the United States and its allies, including Germany, contribute millions of dollars which are spent on emissions-reduction programs in developing countries, including China and India.

Since the Paris Agreement is not legally binding, many countries, including the UK and Japan, do not pay their fair share.

Therefore, the United States is left footing the bill while China’s greenhouse emissions only worsen as if they are making no efforts to curb their pollution.

China has repeatedly vowed to reduce its emissions, even as recently as last month when Chinese President Xi said he looks forward to advancing “global environmental governance” during a climate summit President Biden hosted.

For years, China has not kept its promises on this issue while the US is left funding its efforts, which is one reason why former President Trump previously left the Paris agreement.

Clearly, the agreement is far from effective, yet the Biden administration insists on continuing to finance the effort.